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This is our final broadcast for 2022 and while I'm looking forward to a well-earned break, I can't seem to work up the enthusiasm I normally have when writing my final Leader of the year, since I've produced this week's issue sat under a duvet to stave off the shivers resulting from an office where the temperature has hovered around 12 degrees C all day. Although my heating bill hasn't yet become unaffordable, I'm trying to acclimatise myself so I'm ready for the threatened power cuts. Plus by cutting my usage now, I'm less of a drain on our apparently short supplies. I feel physically better than I do when the thermostat's higher so at least that's something positive, but I spend a lot of time thinking about those around the world who don't have any heating at all - or perhaps even a roof over their head - and who can't see things changing in the near future.

Normally I wish you a safe and happy Christmas but this year I'll add to that, nourishing food, warmth, light, the company of loved ones, peace and tranquility, a good Internet connection, a job if you want one, the survival of your business if you're worried about it - and if you're in the UK, good health, since with our nurses and ambulance drivers having voted for strike action along with those in so many other sectors, you won't be guaranteed the standard of care you might once have expected, or any transport to hospital should you need it.

Let's hope we can ALL change our lives in 2023 and beyond, for the better! One more thing... don't forget that you only have until close of play on 23rd December to submit your entry for the Metsä Tissue Sustainability Awards 2023. Find out more at: https://www.2023sustainabilityawards.com We'll be back on 5th January.



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Jan Hobbs

15th December 2022

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