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P-Wave introduces longer-lasting and budget-friendly urinal screen ranges

* P-Wave-Basix.jpgAir-freshening specialist P-Wave has added two new urinal screen options to its market-leading ranges. To complement the successful and popular Slant6, it has now added P-Wave 360, which delivers fewer change-outs as the powerful fragrance lasts for up to 60 days, plus the budget-friendly WCBasix.

"As experts in high-performance urinal screens, we are constantly looking for ways to ensure we offer products that meet the needs of our customers,” says P-Wave sales & marketing manager Mark Wintle. “As these needs evolve, so must our product range.”

The powerful new P-Wave 360 urinal screen delivers the highest degree of splash deflection, and freshens urinals for up to 60 days, with an advanced fragrance formula created specifically to ensure longevity.

P-Wave 360 is designed with both vertical and horizontal protrusions, providing the highest level of urine deflection and diffusion available in a 60-day screen. The unique two-sided design is ideal for eliminating urine splash, but also prevents incorrect installation, ensuring walls, floors and trousers are always kept dry.

"With fragrance lasting for up to 60 days, P-Wave 360 halves change-outs, which delivers an immediate and measurable sustainability benefit," adds Mark. "Adding to this, its highly-effective splash preventing design means less urine on the floor, and that means less cleaning and fresher smelling washrooms."

P-Wave 360 is available in two popular fragrances: Cotton Blossom,and Mango.

"It has become increasingly obvious to us that there is a two-tier marketplace for urinal screens,” offers Mark. “While P-Wave Slant6 and P-Wave 360 occupy the premium space, some of our resellers also stock and sell budget versions, which tend to be popular with price conscious contract cleaners and the FM market.

"We've also noticed that a large proportion of the budget space is a bit like the wild west, with lots of low fragranced copies of our original P-Wave screens from companies with little or no contact information and not a Safety Data Sheet in sight.

"With all this in mind, we are launching a separate WCBasix Urinal Screen, to run alongside our market leading P-Wave ranges."

The 100% recyclable WCBasix Urinal Screen will feature a good amount of fragrance for the price point (around 50% of a normal P-Wave screen, and double that of a standard budget screen, depending on the brand). Available in two fragrances - Fresh Linen and Mango Mist - it is designed to reduce urinal splash-back and has anti-splash bristles on both sides.

The WCBasix Urinal Screen lasts for up to 30 days and is ideal for contract cleaners and FM companies, as they are packed in a resealable bag of 16 screens per box, which reduces single use plastic.

"For its price point, we believe WCBasix will be better than many competing budget brands, therefore offering excellent value for money," argues Mark. "Customers will also get a consistent supply from a trusted fragrance company that knows a thing or two about urinal screens.

"P-Wave has been solving the most common hygiene issue in urinals for years, as randomly splashed urine causes a headache for cleaners, plus a bad smell and a reduction in hygiene standards.

"Two years ago, we delivered a new angle on splash prevention and a major step forward in terms of urinal deodorising technology with the launch of our new 100% recyclable Slant6 urinal screen.

"With its powerful fragrance, and virtually zero splash slanted-bristle technology, Slant6 has more fragrance than other 30-day urinal screens, but we have also tried, wherever possible, to offer more sustainable solutions. Slant6 uses less plastic than similar screens - including 15% recycled material - and features the EcoPure additive for faster biodegradation if it should end up in landfill.

"Washroom hygiene has never been more important and ensuring a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance reassures users. The addition of P-Wave 360 and WCBasix really consolidates our urinal freshening range.”


17th November 2022

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