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It may not be the thing to say in this day and age but I love the differences in people’s cultures and one of the many things that’s made me grateful to live in the era of the Internet, is that it’s brought us all closer in terms of being able to travel, (virtually) and explore the cultures and learn about the traditions enjoyed in places we’ll never visit. I realise television has had its part to play in this over the decades but the Internet has allowed us to properly interact with those keeping the traditions alive and delve far deeper than we would otherwise be able to. I’m grateful to have experienced some of these traditions first hand by groups visiting my country, who’ve had the patience to teach us how to take part in their rituals and dances, and sing songs in their languages, knowing the true meaning of the movements and words and thus feeling the emotion behind them. 
Of course we have our fair share of traditions in the UK and this year we’ve seen more than usual, during Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations this Summer followed in Autumn by her death and the pomp and ceremony that came with honouring her life and Charles being pronounced King. 

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Last week we remembered and honoured those who lost their lives or were injured in battle, (why haven’t we learned?) and crowds lined the streets to watch the annual Lord Mayor’s Parade in London. I’ve mentioned in many of my Leaders how our cleaners not only have to clear up the mess that results from these gatherings and parades but also have to prepare the area beforehand. Occasionally cleaners have been honoured by being given a role in opening ceremonies such as for the Commonwealth Games but I believe (and do correct me if I’m wrong) that the Lord Mayor’s Parade is the only national ceremony in which our industry regularly takes pride of place amongst everyone else. I love this picture of The Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners’ Master Gary Fage, Court Assistant Phil Smith and Liveryman Callum Mcleod who had a “wonderful day” on the Modern Livery Companies’ float this year and I hope you’ll join me in wishing the Company congratulations on its 50th birthday and thanking it for the good work it does in supporting charities and promoting our industry in style! 




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Jan Hobbs

17th November 2022

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