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Recorra (Paper Round) strengthens South East England circular economy

* Reccora-KeyKeg.jpgRecorra has been redefining waste management for almost 35-years. Launched by Friends of the Earth as a paper recycling initiative in 1988, Paper Round has been renamed Recorra to reflect the fact it now collects over 35 types of post-use material across the South East that can be reprocessed and given a useful second life.

The new name draws together the key elements of recycling, ecology and terra (the earth). It demonstrates Recorra's commitment to delivering Real Recycling: best-practice excellence, honest transparency, customer engagement in ecological issues, carbon reduction and continual social and environmental improvement.

As a leading commercial-waste recycling expert, Recorra focuses on the circular economy and is dedicated to true closed-loop solutions that increase sustainability in hospitality and other industries.

KeyKegs play a big part. These are beer, wine or other beverage kegs produced by OneCircle that are sustainable and designed for circularity; once empty, the actual circular material from which they are made can be recovered and reused to produce new KeyKegs. Since joining the OneCircle Return Network in 2020, Paper Round has collected thousands of empty KeyKegs for reprocessing.

As Recorra, the company will continue to increase the number of empty kegs it collects from its Brighton and Hastings hubs.

Hospitality professionals in South East England - South East Coast, Kent, Sussex and areas close to the M25 East - can help protect the environment by returning all their empty KeyKegs through Recorra. As more empty kegs are collected, the amount of recycled material in each new KeyKeg will steadily increase, conserving precious natural resources.

“We are constantly working on innovative ways to handle the materials our clients produce,” explains Tom Mockridge, director of strategy and innovation, Recorra. “It improves their recycling rates, lowers their carbon footprint and delivers more materials to the circular economy where they can be reused and given a useful second life. We are therefore delighted to be working with OneCircle on this initiative.”

Recorra disassembles the empty kegs at its recycling centre in Purfleet, where it crushes and bundles them into bales for OneCircle to collect. OneCircle then shreds, separates and sorts the different plastics on an automatic recycling line to recover the raw materials. As much recycled material as possible is used to produce new KeyKeg parts, while the remainder is recycled for other uses.

Recorra has consistently been one of the first to bring to market new recycling streams, such as coffee grounds, coffee cups and compostables and other innovations such as fully electric RCVs.

www.recorra.co.uk |  www.keykeg.com

10th November 2022

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