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Italian business network safebreath.net aims to reduce particulate matter PM2.5 AND PM10 in industrial environments

* SAFEBREATH.jpegA new national business network has launched with the aim of proposing a complete solution to abate harmful PM2.5 and PM10 particulate matter in industrial environments: 'Safebreath.net' was officially presented in Rimini during the recent Ecomondo Trade Fair.

The innovative entrepreneurial aggregation was created by three companies, leaders in their respective sectors: Idrobase Group (Borgoricco - Padua), MVT-Mion Ventoltermica (Maserada sul Piave - Treviso) and Sibilia (Castelletto Sopra Ticino - Novara).

Safebtreath.net is a proposal open to other Italian companies that share the same spirit of 'teamwork'.

Through system aggregation, the purpose is to propose a turnkey solution on the world market, guaranteed by the recognised professionalism of ‘Made in Italy’.

The result of research in pressurised water technologies, the Idrobase Group's solutions (fog maker cannons, misting modules and lines, pressure washers) will provide for the suppression of dust on the ground and the cleaning of polluted surfaces.

The dust will then be sucked up by the powerful systems manufactured by Sibilia, capable of adapting to any environment, either with customised or centralised solutions, thanks to experience gained in over 80 years in business.

Finally, the dust will be filtered by fans installed by MVT-Mion Ventoltermica, which has specialised in air purification for over half a century, also using specific software for process management.

The main recipients of 'Safebreath.net' solutions are steelworks, power plants, cement factories and mines.

Fine particles are among the main sources of pollution with strong impacts on the climate and healthiness of urban agglomerations.

"Reducing sources of pollution is now a globally shared need and Safebreath.net is a system response, capable of grasping the market demands, offering an integrated and flexible solution, guaranteed by the quality of ‘Made in Italy’," unanimously affirm the company managers at the Rimini event (Bruno Ferrarese, co-president Idrobase Group; Paolo Mion, CEO MVT-Mion Ventoltermica; Alberto Sibilia, managing director Sibilia), and they conclude: "As our claim says: Safebreath.net is the industrial solution to breathe Clean Air".

www.idrobasegroup.com / www.mvtplant.com / www.sibilia.it

10th November 2022

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