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Exemplary floor cleaning enhances health and hygiene in a veterinary environment

* Truvox-veterinary.jpgTruvox International is exhibiting at the London Vet Show at ExCel, London from 17th through18th November and visitors will be able to see the Multiwash Pro - which was launched at last year's show - alongside the Valet Battery Upright II (VBUII) and the VTVe compact high-performance dry vacuum cleaner.

Available in three sizes and effective on all floors - from carpets to hard floors, and escalators to entrance matting - the Multiwash Pro leaves floors ready to walk on in minutes. Available in 24cm, 34cm and 44cm cleaning widths, the machines are easy to assemble, use and maintain.

With a quick-change battery, the cordless VBUII eliminates trip hazards and is easy to use. It features a brush to agitate animal hairs to make them easier to remove from difficult to clean surfaces such as entrance matting. The VBUII is ideal for daytime cleaning in areas where power is not easily accessible or the use of corded machines poses a risk.

Meanwhile, the VTVe compact tub vacuum cleaner offers great performance with excellent manoeuvrability.

Truvox International's Multiwash range has already proved to be highly effective in a challenging veterinary environment, as explained by Vincent Sherard-Bornshin, chief executive officer of RSPCA Bury, Oldham & District.

"For many years we had been using traditional mop and bucket cleaning methods for the floors at the centre, but the outcome simply wasn't good enough,” he explains. “I felt that the Multiwash II was the only machine which would not only fully clean and sanitise, but would also ensure that communicable diseases are controlled, including Coronavirus - not just for the welfare of the animals but for all employees and visitors. We needed to be able to use a machine daily, but also as a deep cleaning solution.

"Many areas of our large centre feature Altro flooring which is chosen for its non-slip qualities, but it can trap dirt and is often difficult to clean - but not with a Multiwash II. The Bury, Oldham & District centre inevitably has zoonotics in the premises - infectious diseases that can be passed between animals or from animal to human - so cleaning is paramount. I could see that the floors needed regular deep cleaning, and that's why I was delighted when we received our Multiwash II, as I knew it would make all the difference.

"The Multiwash II is used in the main cattery, operating theatre and other public and communal areas. Of course, to avoid cross-contamination, we strip and clean the machine before using in different areas.

"We use Anigene HLD4V high level disinfectant cleaner across the centre as it is particularly effective against the most resistant of pathogens, including Canine parvovirus, Feline calicivirus and the causative organisms of Kennel Cough and Ringworm. Safe around animals, it does not require rinsing and works perfectly with the Multiwash II.

"We have no specialised cleaning operatives at the centre, so cleaning is a daily task for our animal care assistants, who find the Multiwash II straightforward and easy to use. Due to Coronavirus we had to alter the working arrangements and part of our risk strategy included the use of the Multiwash II, which could be utilised at different alert statuses that we introduced at the centre. Different alerts would trigger a different response in staff requirements and also cleaning protocols.

"As a small, locally-funded charity licenced by the National RSPCA, we rely on donations and the generosity of our community, local and national businesses. The branch had identified that the traditional mop and bucket was fully sanitising the floors with the use of Anigene HLD4V, but was not giving that really deep clean that was required to give a high level of bio-security.

"We cannot rate the machine, distributor or Truvox International enough. It gives outstanding results, reduces time spent on cleaning and is easy to use. It is so flexible in different applications across our setting and has made such a difference."


27th October 2022

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