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If you’re a regular reader of my Leaders you’ll be well aware of my passion for the environment and will have heard my many calls for us all to do more to support it – not in an Extinction Rebellion sort of way, but by being mindful of what we do and being as savvy as possible when it comes to our choices and how they’ll impact the world in which we live. This passion goes back a long way – I was taking glass recycleables to the bottle bank years before the first UK roadside collections began and have always believed that if something’s broken, rather than bin it we should repair it if possible or find another use for it. I’ve been able to make so many long-lasting ‘Heath Robinson’ repairs from bits I’ve hung onto which I thought might come in useful someday, while the shrub and plant-filled toilet with its handy u-bend water reservoir in my front garden makes a great talking point! I’ve procured things I love from FreeBay, Gumtree and local social media groups and in return have donated items that others are now enjoying. I’m doing my bit for the planet – and for others, too, and it feels good. 
As you might imagine then, I’m delighted that Cleanzine has been chosen as a media partner for the new Metsä Tissue Annual Sustainability Awards, held in partnership with the Cleaning & Support Services Association. These new awards are now open for entry, with presentations to the winners being made in London from 19:00hrs on Wednesday 15th March 2023, the second day of the London Cleaning Show, at the iconic Cutty Sark – one of the last and fastest British tea clippers to have been built and something in itself that’s been cleverly repurposed. This free-to-enter Awards programme is open to all organisations involved in our industry - companies large and small, membership and accreditation organisations and end users, whether commercial or public sector. You can nominate yourself, your suppliers or your customers (or a team of any combination if that’s relevant). Awards categories include Carbon Reducer, Social Value Impact, Renewable Energy Performer, Best Sustainability Marketing & Communication Initiative, Team Sustainability Excellence and Individual Sustainability Excellence. 
“We’ve founded these awards with the aim of bringing about an increased focus on sustainability in all its forms,” says Metsa Tissue. “We hope they will result in a positive momentum that will drive more environmental, social & governance initiatives to help support the future of our world. Our aim is to highlight and reward sustainability practices throughout our industry and thus create a positive, lasting impact on the environment.” Find out more at https://www.2023sustainabilityawards.com



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Jan Hobbs

27th October 2022

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