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This coming Saturday is Global Handwashing Day and although it’s not something I generally mention, with Covid cases once again on the rise in my neck of the woods and probably in many other places where the cold, damp weather’s setting in – plus the re-emergence of seasonal flu, which can be a killer -  I’ve decided that this year I should. Why? Well I tend not to mention it because I figure it’s something we all do as a matter of course, so it doesn’t need a special day. But then I’m wrong with my figuring, aren’t I? I’ve visited several motorway service stations this year and as it’s always with family and friends I’ve had longer to observe washbasin activity as I’ve waited for the rest of my party to emerge from the cubicles. 
A practice I consider to be almost as natural a part of daily life as breathing – i.e. it shouldn’t need any thought - is something we all do differently, which means some of us aren’t doing it right, (and that’s not just handwashing but breathing too)! My own handwashing tends to vary depending upon where I am, what I’m doing next and how long I’ve got. Often my thoughts are racing so the last thing I’m thinking about is how I’m washing my hands. Something else that plays a huge part is the environment I’m in: I’m happy to linger in a quiet and welcoming washroom, whereas a noisy, crowded facility that doesn’t seem clean and cared for, has me rushing for the exit. I doubt I’m very different from most folk in those respects. 
The American Cleaning Institute’s president & CEO Melissa Hockstad, has said recently: "Over the past two years, we have had stark reminders about the importance, impact and necessity of essential hand hygiene practices. Washing your hands with soap and water remains one of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent the spread of infectious disease. This starts with each of us, in our homes, schools, communities and workplaces". She’s right, of course. So my message to myself – and to you if you’re not focusing while you wash your hands, is: ‘take more care’ – even if your environment isn’t the most welcoming or you’re pushed for time! Melissa also highlighted the need for us to wash our hands more regularly during food preparation; when involved in caring for the sick, after nose blowing, coughing or sneezing; after handling rubbish and after directly handling dirty laundry – again something I’d expect us all to do as a matter of course, but worth a mention, just in case.



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Jan Hobbs

13th October 2022

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