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Just in time for ISSA Show: The new greener McCormick Place Campus

* McCormick-Place-Campus.jpgWith the ISSA Show North America taking place next week from 11th – 13th October, attendees and exhibitors should know the many steps Chicago's McCormick Place has taken to become greener and more sustainability-focused.

"In the process, this has helped make the facility a healthier and more sustainable place to hold the convention," a spokesman says. "The McCormick Place Campus is the largest convention centre in North America. Before the pandemic, it welcomed more than 3million people annually. But that creates a huge impact on the environment. Fortunately, McCormick Place has taken many steps to reduce that impact."

These steps include the following:

• Local purchasing - One-third of all the food purchased on Campus is from local, organic, and environmentally preferable sources
• Sustainable seafood and coffee - More than 80% of the seafood sold on Campus is certified sustainable, as is all the coffee *
• Food-waste diversion - More than 60% of the food waste at the centre is donated, composted, or used to generate renewable energy.
• A working green roof - McCormick Place has the largest green roof in the Midwest, plus it's a working green roof. Crops grown on the roof produce nearly 8,000lbs of produce each year, including hops for local beer breweries.
• Green Seal and LEED Certified - McCormick Place was the first convention centre in the world to receive Green Seal Certification. Further, the McCormick Place West Building recently attained LEED Certification from the US Green Building Council.
• Brighter, energy-efficient lights - For the past three years and costing more than $36 million, all the lighting on Campus has been retrofitted with energy-efficient LED light bulbs. These bulbs use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than regular light bulbs.
• Green vendors - Campus administrators prefer to work with green service providers and vendors that share their views on sustainability and protecting the environment

"It's clear McCormick Place is doing its part to reduce its environmental footprint," adds Robert. "Let's do the same. Think green and focus on sustainability while enjoying the show."

*When referring to food, the term "certified sustainable" typically refers to the production of food items made from plant and animal products using techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and wildlife.

www.mccormickplace.com / www.issa.com

6th October 2022

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