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Our hard floor hero!

* Hard-Floor-Hero.jpgIt doesn't get much better than working hard on a job and when finished, standing back to admire the result and the customer says: "Wow - that's like brand new!"

That's exactly what happened to Andy Daly of A&C Diamond Cleaning Services in Northamptonshire, only a short while ago.

Andy had been asked by a local property developer and a regular client of his carpet and upholstery cleaning service to come around to one of his new properties and clean a wood floor. Andy agreed but a site visit revealed he had his work cut out: the wooden floor had been neglected, as well as being left unprotected while the building was renovated.

"There was hardened Artex plaster and small marks all over the surface and the client, of course, wanted it back to a high grade finish, if at all possible," says Andy.

It looked a tough task, but this didn't daunt him as not long before he'd luckily been down to Prochem and attended a hard floor cleaning & maintenance course.

So, to work... the front room floor was cleaned gently with the low-speed setting on his twin-speed, 17in. rotary machine, fitted with a red cleaning pad to remove the surface scratches. Once dusted and vacuumed thoroughly, it was treated with three thin, overlocking layers of Prochem's C503 Proshine, an emulsion polish with a high metallic content.

Rather rough before, but so much better after!

Once that was fully dry, Andy added the finishing touches with a high-speed spray-burnish (or buffing) of the surface with another of Prochem's hard floor range, C502 Protreat, a polyethylene wax-based maintainer that lends extra shine to the polish layer.

This is the ideal and economical way to protect the layers of high-grade emulsion polish on the surface, as the waxes, when heated with the high speed setting of the rotary and a polishing white floor pad, give a rich, slip resistant shine to the wood.

The job was made harder for Andy as the client also had a huge sofa in the room ("so big I wondered how it even got in that room!") that he had to keep manoeuvring around.

However, when the job was done, Andy and the client did indeed stand back and smile at the finished result with glee. (Well, in fact they actually sat on the sofa and had a beer together but that's a different story!)


If you'd like to learn how to achieve these results, consider attending a Prochem hard floor cleaning and maintenance course, where all these methods, and more, are taught. More at:


13th October 2022

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