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CleanWell to develop plant-based cleaning solutions for CPG brands, contract manufacturers & industrial supply companies

* Cleanwell.jpgCleanWell, a provider of plant-based household cleaning products for nearly two decades, announced on Tuesday a strategic business shift to focus exclusively on developing custom green disinfecting sprays and wipes for B2C and B2B partners.

The company is exiting the CleanWell-branded retail segment of its business to concentrate on turnkey product development solutions from concept to finished goods for CPG brands, contract manufacturers and industrial supply companies. The combined reach of these partners will significantly broaden the availability of CleanWell's better-for-you cleaning technology.

The change is embodied in CleanWell's new URL - cleanwellinside.com - signifying that CleanWell is now dedicated to incorporating its proprietary formula in other companies' products.

The company's expertise in formula development, regulatory requirements, supply chain management, co-manufacturing relationships and other aspects of manufacturing plant-derived cleaners will help partners meet the rising demand for cleaner cleaning products that is being fuelled by increasing environmental awareness as well as the pandemic.

"Partnerships have been a substantial part of our business since the company was founded, enabling us to have a bigger impact than we could have as a retail brand alone," says Stew Lawrence, CEO of CleanWell.

"With today's growing interest in greener cleaning, we have an opportunity to increase that impact exponentially by focusing our efforts on helping other companies offer solutions without the potentially harmful chemicals of conventional cleaners. Cleaner cleaning has been our mission all along, and putting our resources into developing third-party products is the best way for us to advance that mission in today's market."

This emphasis on partnerships builds on the success of CleanWell's longtime affiliations with Seventh Generation, Benefect, simplehuman and other brands that have leveraged CleanWell's technology to deliver green cleaning solutions using no chlorine or quaternary ammonium compounds, alcohols, hydrogen peroxide or other harsh chemicals.

The active ingredient in all CleanWell-designed products is Thymol, an EPA-approved, broad spectrum plant extract that kills 99.9% of household germs including the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The combination of Thymol and CleanWell's choice of inactive ingredients enables partners to make better-for-you claims that can differentiate their products in the marketplace. That ability and other benefits stem from the fact that all CleanWell formulas include:

* Thymol extracted directly from the plant source rather than using synthetic versions, ensuring that it is truly plant-derived and not just plant-inspired
* Plant- and mineral-derived ingredients with no alcohol, bleach, ammonia, phosphates, quats, parabens, phthalates or 1,4-dioxane
* An EPA Category IV rating, signifying the lowest level of toxicity
* No need for warning labels about potential skin, eye or respiratory irritations
* No rinse required, even on food contact surfaces and children's toys
* 100% USDA Certified BioBased content, signifying that all ingredients come from renewable sources

CleanWell's exit from the retail marketplace also eliminates competition from CleanWell-branded products. Companies interested in partnering with CleanWell for green disinfectant product development can email:

E: [email protected]


29th September 2022

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