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Devon entrepreneurs develop new Sanitising 'Orb' with HSBC UK funding

* DEVON-SANITISING-ORB.jpgTwo Devon-based entrepreneurs have developed an innovative, touch-free sanitising station which reduces the consumption of single use plastic bottles and messy alcohol gels, with the support of HSBC UK funding.

Rob Searle and John Ellacott at Ezisan have created a unique orb-shaped electronic sanitising unit which deploys an ultra-fine, alcohol-free 'mist' for use on both hands and small objects, to help combat viruses and bacteria.

Intended to reduce the ecological impact of traditional sanitising stations by dramatically reducing the reliance on single use plastic bottles, it also removes the need for paper towels to absorb messy drips, excess liquid and resulting slip hazards. The disinfectant stations are designed to quickly and conveniently sanitise hands and small objects such as mobile phones, credit cards, and keys to reduce the impact of cross-contamination and resulting sickness in the workplace or public areas.

Funding from HSBC UK has enabled the entrepreneurs to purchase the production tools required to finesse the station and increase manufacturing capacity ahead of its official launch in September 2022.

Following an intensive three-year development process and successful customer trials, Ezisan is releasing eight models to suit differing customer requirements, with prices starting at £500. Customers are expected to see a rapid return on their investment due to the low operation costs per application, compared with other gel or liquid based solutions.

Ezisan is also setting its sights on global expansion across large offices and the healthcare, hospitality, facilities management and business sectors, from its manufacturing base in Devon.

Rob Searle and John Ellacott, founding directors of Ezisan concur:

"Since the start of the pandemic, we have worked tirelessly to address the concerns associated with messy 'wet' or gel-based sanitising solutions and the steep increase in single use plastics often associated with this. Introducing Ezisan to customers is the result of three years of product development and refinement, and we believe Ezisan is likely to be a significant market disrupter in the coming years.

"Throughout this process, HSBC UK has been understanding of our vision, and we are now in a strong position to officially enter the market with a British built and designed product thanks to the bank's support."

Craig Canning, regional manager of business banking, south at HSBC UK, adds:

"Since the pandemic, we have all become accustomed to using hand sanitising gels, however Ezisan's unique concept was interesting to us. It's an exciting time as the products make their debut, and we look forward to supporting the business's continued growth."

After significant growth during the Covid-19 pandemic, Statisa reports expect the UK hand sanitiser and dispenser market to grow annually by 2.57% between 2022-2027.



8th September 2022

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