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Crieff Hydro becomes first Scottish hotel group to switch to Greenteck Global's 100% Natural Cleaning Solutions

* CRIEFF-HYDRO.jpgFollowing the partnership earlier this month between GreenTeck Global and Alliance Scotland, Crieff Hydro Family of Hotels has become Alliance's first Scottish client to adopt GreenTeck Global's natural cleaning solutions.

Crieff Hydro Family of Hotels has committed to roll out the chemical-free AquaTeck SC100 cleaning system - a 100% natural, multipurpose sanitiser and cost-effective cleaner produced on tap - across its eight-hotel Scottish portfolio.

The hotel group's decision to replace all its general front-of house cleaning products for GreenTeck Global's COSHH-free alternative follows a successful four-month trial at Crieff Hydro Hotel. Between February and June this year, the on-site AquaTeck SC100 production system helped the hotel save the equivalent of 2,430 single-use plastic bottles, while reducing its spend on chemical cleaning products by around £450 per month.

The AquaTeck SC100 system uses ordinary tap water, fed through a standard water softener and food-grade salt, to produce up to two litres of non-toxic solution every minute. This allows companies to refill their cleaning bottles on-site with a chemical-free, all-purpose sanitising solution that can be applied directly to surfaces, mops, buckets and even industrial-floor cleaners. Once finished, the solution can be safely tipped away; a process which has the added benefits of helping keep drains clean.

The environmentally-friendly system maximises the effective cleaning properties of hypochlorous acid (HOCL) - a naturally occurring steriliser - and eliminates the need for added detergents. As the most powerful natural disinfectant available, HOCL destroys 99.99% of all bacteria, pathogens, and viruses as well as destroying odours and is approximately 80 times more effective than bleach, thereby delivering the highest levels of cleanliness via a sustainable sanitising solution that is non-allergenic and safe for skin, as well as the environment.

In addition to being simple to use and significantly reducing plastic waste, supply chain concerns and operating costs, the switch to a sustainable non-toxic solution that can be safely disposed of, HOCL does not require COSHH and the associated hotel staff safety training.

Speaking of their switch, Stephen Leckie, Chairman and CEO of Crieff Hydro Family of Hotels, says: "As consumers as well as operators, we're all increasingly mindful of the need to adopt more energy-conscious and environmentally-friendly habits into our everyday lives.

"We continuously review our suppliers and processes in order to make changes where we can. We've been looking at lots of aspects of the business, even switching to eco-friendly bedding.

"The switch to the AquaTeck SC100 has been a simple yet hugely effective way for us to cut costs and improve our carbon footprint while maintaining hygiene levels."

David Thurston, founder and CEO of GreenTeck Global, says: "We recognise that hotels have a strong duty of care to employees as well as guests, and the pandemic highlighted the vital role that a property's health and safety measures play in delivering peace of mind for all visitors.

"We're therefore delighted that Crieff Hydro Family of Hotels has already seen first-hand the benefits our chemical-free systems offer. And we hope these early adopters of greener cleaning solutions will inspire more hospitality organisations within Alliance's network to embrace more sustainable working practices."

As part of the five-year distribution agreement, Alliance Scotland, a leading provider of cleaning and janitorial solutions in Scotland, represents GreenTeck Global's products across all sectors, from local authorities and public transport bodies to hospitality companies.




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