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Georgia Tech saved $700,000 with GenEon

* Georgia-Tech-savings.jpgGeorgia Institue of Technology has saved $700,000 in cleaning and disinfecting costs thanks to GenEon. Founded in 1885, the Georgia Institute of Technology is a nationally recognised research university that sits on 400 beautiful, wooded acres in the heart of Atlanta. Its 25,000 students make use of over nine million square feet of building space.

Georgia Tech describes itself as "a leading research university committed to improving the human condition through advanced science and technology."

In keeping with that commitment, the university spent two years testing a cleaning technology that it has embraced as the safest, healthiest way to maintain its indoor environments. The team calls it Renewable Cleaning because it goes beyond ‘green cleaning’ to be the most sustainable and cost-effective way to clean, sanitise and disinfect.

Three distinct solutions meet every need:

Sanitiser/disinfectant; glass and general-purpose cleaner; and heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser

* Colour-coded solutions are generated on-site for pennies a gallon.
* On-site generation eliminates the product's manufacturing and transportation, reducing storage and waste.
* Solutions will not harm people if ingested or inhaled, and they do not dry skin.
* The system is portable. Solutions can be made anywhere on campus.


28th July 2022

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