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Do college students make the grade on cleaning?

* Do-college-students-clean.jpgThe sophomore year of the American Cleaning Institute's Class of Clean is now in session. The College Student's Guide to Cleaning' aims to educate college students on proper cleaning, laundry and hygiene practices.

According to new data from ACI and Wakefield Research, while nearly all college students (92%) recognise that a clean room helps them feel their best, both mentally and physically, nearly three in four (72%) were less than completely prepared to clean on their own upon first arriving to college.

Today, many students cite a lack of motivation (53%) and time (50%) as the top two challenges for cleaning. Yet, more than one in five say a lack of cleaning supplies or cleaning knowledge prevents them from keeping tidy.

'There's so much to learn when you hit the college campus. Cleaning on your own is often one of those lessons,' says Brian Sansoni, ACI senior vice president, communications, outreach & membership. 'ACI's Class of Clean toolkit equips college students with the tools and resources they need to navigate cleaning and laundering for wellbeing and illness prevention.'

As students head back to school or arrive on campus for the first time, the critical connection between cleaning and health is important to understand and implement into daily routines. It is easy for germs to spread on college campuses due to the high number of people living and learning in close quarters.

But that's not all ' a lack of cleaning can also cause interpersonal problems. In fact, according to new research, 71% of survey respondents with roommates argue over how to clean and nearly half (49%) of students would be very or somewhat likely to walk out on a date if they saw that their significant other's room was messy.

The Class of Clean resource includes:

* Move In Checklist
* Stain Removal Guide
* Cleaning with a Sick Roommate Handout
* Intro to Laundry Handout
* The Good Roommate Checklist

ACI introduced the Class of Clean toolkit in 2021 as part of its Cleaning is Caring initiative, to further communicate the connection of cleaning with health & safety. As a leading voice of the cleaning products industry, ACI provides tailored guidance, tools and information needed for keeping healthy, clean and safe.

The full survey:

Q. When you first moved to college, how prepared were you for cleaning on your own?

28% said completely prepared
35% said very prepared
28% said somewhat prepared
6% said not very prepared
3% said not at all prepared

Q. Which of the following, if any, are preventing you from keeping your dorm or room clean?

53% said lack of motivation
50% said lack of time
19% said roommate(s) get in the way
15% said they don't have the cleaning supplies they need
9% said they don't know the right way to clean
1% said other
17% said none of these

Q. How often do you and your roommate(s) have arguments over how clean your home is?
(Asked among respondents with roommates)

2% said all the time
6% said often
28% said sometimes
34% said rarely
29% said never

Q. How likely would you be to walk out on a date if you saw their room was a total mess?

10% said very likely
39% said somewhat likely
40% said not very likely
10% said not at all likely

Q. How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Having a clean room helps me feel my best, both mentally and physically?

61% said strongly agree
32% said somewhat agree
4% said somewhat disagree
3% said strongly disagree

Download the Toolkit at:


28th July 2022

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