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New AI app helps track cleaning competence

* Optiqo.jpgOptiqo's latest mobile application - Cleantracker AI, offers an easy-to-use method of validating cleaning effectiveness by adopting artificial intelligence and machine learning. Combining AI with advanced image recognition, it facilitates the classification and evaluation of surface area contamination.

"With Cleantracker AI we have been able to provide a solution to a very common issue through enhanced measuring and quantifying results of cleaning deliveries for the facility management industry," says Martin Älenmark, CTO at Optiqo.

Cleantracker AI's Intelligence is built into both its iOS and Android applications. By using the app with Optiqo's predefined test kit, contamination percentages can be detected, quantified, and stored within the application directly. As such, Cleantracker AI provides for an improved and coherent measurement process of evaluating existing cleaning methods and correlating results in an objective and accurate way.

The application engages upon machine learning fundamentals which results in the data becoming more effective and reliable with each passing scan over time.

The primary purpose of the app is to be able to determine, through a standardised and consistent method, whether a cleaning procedure has been sufficiently carried out and approved. It enables users to visually and objectively validate whether surfaces that have been recently cleaned are in fact as visually clean as they appear.

The areas of effectiveness for Optiqo's Cleantracker AI is consistently measuring approved cleaning procedures and examining the time span in which the same surface is retained. Through the scanning data being collected over time, insights regarding how each floor or area can be best maintained are provided.

Over several years of method calibration, including over 500,000 completed tests, Optiqo has acquired sufficient data to provide the basis as to how the app should calculate the test results. As such, by trusting Cleantracker AI's measuring procedure, its methods could become a mandatory requirement in future cleaning service contracts.

Easy to use and self explanatory, Cleantracker AI will function as a basis for deciding the correct cleaning methods and routines based on facts. Utilising the right cleaning methods and routines will improve cleaning quality, along with cost effectiveness, the utilisation of resources and with all this, customer satisfaction.

https://optiqo.link/cleantrackerai / www.optiqo.com

7th July 2022

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