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Celebrating World Food Safety Day

* Soapbox-Sam-Greaves.jpgSam Greaves, managing director at Cleenol, writes…

Food safety affects everyone without exception. From production to packaging and transportation to retail, cooks and chefs all the way to the end consumer, no-one is untouched by the need to uphold good food safety standards. Indeed, every single one of us is a consumer so we all have an interest in the ensuring good levels of food hygiene.

In 2018, the World Health Organization launched Food Safety Day which is held each year on 7th June to raise awareness of food safety and to 'inspire action to help prevent, detect and manage foodborne risks'.

Poor food safety can result in foodborne diseases, which can range from mild illness, to severe disease and even death. Globally, one in every 10 people fall ill from contaminated food each year, but this, for the most part, is preventable. The quality and state of food itself is of course important to prevent foodborne diseases because food must be in a state that is fit to be eaten in the first place. But it goes further than that. Proper hygiene and safety measures must also be upheld at every stage of the supply chain.

It is not just about the food itself. It is also about how it's stored, transported, cooked and prepared. How, with what, and by who. The hygiene of the surfaces, prepping and cooking equipment, and even people the food comes into contact with, at whatever stage of the process, is also essential.

There's an easy and practical way to ensure food safety best practice is upheld. That is, by implementing and adhering to an effective cleaning and hygiene regime, and by using the right products to support this.

Since 1948, Cleenol has been providing hygiene and cleaning solutions. As our business has evolved, so have our products to keep on providing peace of mind to an ever-evolving food service market.




9th June 2022

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