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Taski launches all new Ultimaxx range of smart scrubber driers

* Taski-Ultimaxx.jpgDriven by smart and intelligent technological advances, the Ultimaxx 1900 scrubber is the first model of the range and sets a new benchmark for walk behind scrubber driers. Ultra-efficiency, smart technology and intelligent predictive service solutions ensures your machine is never out of the game.

Taski R&D engineers have bolstered every scrubber drier function and every component to optimise efficiency, performance and reliability. Ultimaxx incorporates the latest intelligent technologies to reduce time, energy, water, chemical and consumable consumption.

The 2022 Ultimaxx 1900 sees a 30% improvement in battery autonomy and 40% more water autonomy compared with the previous Swingo model based on highly efficient smart components. Groundbreaking design and components deliver outstanding reliability and robustness to drive down operating and whole life costs.

Impressive flexibility combined with a new level of modularity allows you to customise the machine, which offers a new selection of flexible cleaning processes, thanks to state-of-the-art technologies.

The cleverly designed IntelliTrail 2.0 remote component management is game changing. Highlighting maintenance requirements before they disrupt operations, and providing support through remote service and software updates, fleet management has never been so efficient.

* TASK- ULTIMAXX-1900-55cm.jpgIn developing the Ultimate in intelligent technologies and smart design Taski has secured several patents to deliver a never-seen-before mix of performance, reliability and longevity for outstanding cost of ownership.

Taski's excellent two-way communication GPS telemetry means you have 24/7 oversight and Taski service teams can predict and intervene remotely. Reducing services, preventing breakdowns, avoiding downtime and eliminating downtime costs, leaves you with more time to focus on your core business.

"There is a new world now for businesses and for customers,” says Marcel Muller, global marketing director floorcare machines at Taski. “The businesses that want to succeed in the world we are emerging into need to demonstrably match their actions with customer expectations.

"When it comes to cleanliness, efficiency and smartness Ultimaxx does that and does it in many different ways, for different places, tackling many different cleaning challenges. With selectable brush decks, patented innovations and IntelliTrail 2.0 remote insights, the Ultimaxx range is a gateway to a new level of cleaning.

"The advancements made by Ultimaxx are impressive, even by TASKI standards. As a company built on a rich heritage of innovation, we are always striving to deliver the best. Ultimaxx is going to create not just a wave of newer, cleaner places but also lead the charge for better cleaning machines across the industry. Also, learnings gained during the pandemic have found their way into the machine with inclusions such as HEPA filtration and antibacterial materials. A full range of Ultimate machines, that are completely modular, will set a new standard for the industry."

The suite of smart technologies is known as Taski Intelligent Solutions and brings a breakthrough in cleaning machine ownership:

IntelliTouch - interactive touchscreen to access management information and guidance. Includes menus such as machine status, intuitive integrated adjustment controls, video tutorials and help menus to empower the operator to be truly efficient.

IntelliZone - a unique set of programmes to set cleaning parameters. Set water, chemical dosing and brush pressure at the touch of a button.

IntelliKey - smart NFC technology to control user access rights to pre-defined settings and programmes. From absolute simplicity through to truly empowering the user.

IntelliTrail - the ultimate in connectivity with next generation GPS telemetry and a digital ecosystem. Combines proven fleet management capabilities with new remote machine management functions to facilitate remote diagnostics and predictive service suggestions. Truly empowering organisations to achieve measurable and transparent productivity improvements for an ‘Ultimate’ customer experience.

IntelliTrail 2.0 Remote - connects the IntelliTouch digital dashboard and IntelliTrail to facilitate two-way communications and requests for service, assistance and other functions, totally remote, 24/7.

IntelliAnalytics - your own consultant and fleet manager right at your fingertips! Designed to give you easy guidance and suggestions on how to improve your machine fleet. Shows under/over usage, misuse and charging behaviours. Illustrates approximate savings estimations to help you prioritise and realise savings. Fleet management analytics made simple.

IntelliScrub - a set of modular scrub decks for all floor care applications. Choose from single, double, twin cylinder and orbital as well as the Twister deck. The new IntelliScrub feature allows you to dynamically adjust the brush pressure, extending battery operation time by more than 40%. If the full brush pressure is not needed for light dirt levels, brushing pressure or the electronic brush unit version can be modified at the push of a button. This simple and quick feature is available as standard with all Ultimaxx walk-behind scrubbers and still delivers better cleaning results than the market average.

IntelliFlow - measured water flow that's fast. Speed dependent solution supply through the patented IntelliFlow system ensures the right amount of cleaning solution is used on the floor. Up to 50% savings on cleaning solution costs. A standard feature on powered models.

IntelliDose+ - accurate chemical dilution control linked to IntelliFlow for 100% accuracy. High-precision IntelliFlow and chemical pumps ensure efficient dosing. Dosing setting include full lock or specific pre-defined doses sizes that can be combined with cleaning methods set for areas using IntelliZone via the IntelliTouch user interface.

IntelliBac - antimicrobial water tank. Uses special materials with anti-bacterial properties within the plastic tank and around the machine. This special material significantly reduces bacterial and fungus growth on surfaces. This is essential where the highest hygiene standards are needed, such as within a healthcare setting.

IntelliPower - latest generation of long-life lithium battery and chargers. Fast charging - 2hrs not 10hrs. Partial charges will not damage the batteries. Greater lifespan 2000-2500 cycles. Maintenance-free. More Range. 25% savings on machine + battery TCO. Less frequent replacements means less engineer visits delivering big savings for you.

Taski whisper technology- ultra efficient and patented airflow and quiet vacuum motors for low sound activity. Matched with HEPA filters this is a great solution for all public spaces.

HEPA Filters- hospital grade vacuum filtration. 99.95% of all particles larger than 0.3 ?m (micron) are retained. Captures particles and pollutants such as pollen, even microorganisms such as bacterial and fungal spores. Critical for healthcare environments or high-density public spaces.

Aquastop - saves time with secure remote tank filling and auto shutoff. Multi-tasking has never been so easy. Click a standard hose fitting and the tanks fills and stops automatically.

IntelliPredict - state-of-the-art technology, connecting and controlling all key electronic components such as motors, pumps and chargers. Combines IntelliTrail 2.0 and two-way communication, to facilitate low-cost remote service and software updates with minimum downtime. Potential risk items are predicted and a need for intervention flagged. A step change from reactive to proactive, reducing downtime. Keeping the machine in a state of constant readiness.

“Ultimaxx Is much more than the sum of these amazing new intelligent technologies,” says the company. “ Taski Ultimaxx is the future for scrubber drier floor cleaning.”


2nd June 2022

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