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Powertec 30-Battery simplifies and speeds up washroom cleaning

Santoemma-powertec.jpgSantoemma’s new Powertec 30-Battery is an innovative, battery-powered machine used for cleaning and sanitising public washrooms. Extremely manoeuvrable, efficient and quiet in operation, it can be put to good use in any environment where working without the inconvenience of a power cable or having a mop and bucket to move around, will make life easier for the cleaning team.

The cleaning process is carried out through four stages:

1. Spraying of foam on all the surfaces to be cleaned (walls, sanitary fixtures, showers and windows)
2. Chemical action against dirt and bacteria
3. Rinsing with clean water
4. Vacuuming of residual water from floor

The machine also comes with a wand that allows you to clean hard floors with the aid of the injection-extraction system: a chemical solution is sprayed onto the floor and is then vacuumed up. The dirt is completely removed thanks to the powerful vacuum and is collected in the recovery tank. In a few seconds the floor is perfectly dry and safe to walk on.

It is also possible to inject and vacuum simultaneously, or to inject, brush and then vacuum. A specific bristle on the vacuum head allows you to brush very dirty floors very efficiently.

Santoemma-powertec2.jpgIt is not necessary to manually dose the chemical, because the machine automatically picks up the right quantity of chemical from the chemical tank and mixes it with clean water, taken from the water tank. The chemical is always used in the correct quantity and thus is never wasted, keeping costs down. Very little water is used in the process too, making the process extremely eco-friendly.

Offering the ideal solution to the problem of how to quickly sanitise all washable surfaces in an environment with high footfall, the Powertec gun nebulises the sanitising chemical in the form of a liquid solution in 100-micron particles. The particles float in the air jet and easily reach every point of the environment, depositing evenly on all the surfaces, wetting them slightly. After a few minutes the particles evaporate, leaving the surfaces dry. In this way the chemical is able to act for the time necessary to carry out its sanitising action.

Recharging is simple thanks to the Powertec’s internal battery charger: you simply plug the machine into an electrical wall socket and it will soon be good to go again.

This machine is easily transported - just like a cleaning trolley - and thus offers the ideal solution for cleaning in shopping malls, hospitals, airports, schools, universities, factories etc., where several washrooms must be cleaned and sanitised every day.


5th May 2022

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