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New sanitiser formula to significantly cut carbon footprint

* New-Sanitiser-Formula.jpgPioneering environmental science research company, Genesis Biosciences, has unveiled an enhanced formulation of one of its core cleaning products which further increases the product's sustainability credentials while cutting the company's carbon footprint.

Genesis has amplified the concentration of its General Purpose Sanitiser Concentrate meaning it can now be diluted at one part product to 29 parts water. Containing biodegradable, quat-free anti-microbial and anti-viral ingredients, the product delivers high-performance sanitisation of all types of hard surfaces without the need for harmful bleach.

The formulation includes a surfactant that provides highly effective cleaning and is proven to kill a wide spectrum of bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19 and all coronaviruses, being tested according to BS EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019.

The new anti-bacterial formulation means a significant reduction in plastic packaging, less energy used in the manufacturing process and reduced liquid volumes for shipping which cuts the manufacturer’s overall carbon footprint.

With consumer understanding of the significance of carbon footprint at an all-time high and sustainability high on everyone's agenda, the product revamp has come at a crucial time in the fight against climate change.

“Given the current emphasis on reducing CO2 emissions, we need to do all we can to reduce the amount of carbon we produce as a global community, whether these changes be big or small,” says Dr Emma Saunders, Genesis Biosciences' general manager. “Even if a product contains 'green' raw materials, other details such as miles travelled and packaging are just as important when it comes to the full sustainability profile of a product. Our improved General-Purpose Sanitiser benefits from efficiencies in packaging, manufacturing and logistics which all equates to an overall lower carbon footprint for every container."

The concentrate is packaged in five litre containers for public commercial use, up to intermediate bulk containers with a minimum of 1000 litres.

Current contracts have seen the eco-benign solution used by cleaning companies taking on large-scale industrial jobs, including cleaning public-use facilities such as trains and other modes of transport, and sanitising outdoor spaces in Italy.

Genesis, which has its laboratories in Cardiff and a microbial fermentation centre in Lawrenceville, Georgia, uses its expertise in fermenting bacteria strains, to develop its eco-benign range of products which includes solutions for bathroom, carpet and floor cleaning, odour control and industrial wastewater management.


28th April 2022

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