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Impactful air filtration on demand

* Gama-Rediair1.jpgWhat is air filtration?

While environmental decontamination and hand hygiene are universally recognised to reduce the risk of infections and keep people safe, adequate ventilation is vital for ensuring the air within workplaces & shared spaces is safe. Aerosols and droplets carry infectious microorganisms in the air that spread infections within poorly ventilated spaces.

There is also the risk of particulates and odours triggering allergies or discomfort.

Viruses such as Influenza, Norovirus and Coronaviruses can spread through the air via droplets and aerosols, (which are released when talking, coughing or sneezing) potentially infecting other people or landing on and contaminating surfaces. Effective air filtration devices such as Rediair can help remove these microorganisms and particulates from the air, using specialised filters known as HEPA filters. Air filtration devices draw the air through the machine, trap the pollutants within the HEPA filters and blow clean air back into the room, significantly increasing the air quality.

Benefits of air filtration

Using portable HEPA filters can reduce the risk of inhaling viable pathogens within a poorly ventilated area. Unlike traditional air filtration systems found in shared spaces, portable air filtration devices give you the flexibility to provide clean air where & when you need it.

Air filtration devices can capture a variety of contaminants such as:

* Airborne pathogens (bacteria, fungi & viral aerosols)
* Fine and ultra-fine particles
* Dust
* Mites
* Odours
* Pet dander

* Gama-Rediair2.jpgAir filtration in the workplace

In recent years, presenteeism has become an issue for industries worldwide. In the past, illnesses would affect the workplace as staff would stay home, lowering productivity and staggering the pace of businesses and institutions.

However, in today's world, people are turning up to work sick, which risks spreading infections and poses more of a risk to the people we work alongside. The increase of presenteeism makes good ventilation more of a necessity than ever before. On top of this, Covid-19 variants such as Delta & Omicron are prominent, so having effective air filtration within your workspace can help reduce the number of microorganisms in the air, contributing to a cleaner working environment.


Designed by an infection prevention expert, Rediair is a portable air purification device that captures 99.995% of particles as small as 0.3μm.

Rediair's core consists of two HEPA 14 carbon filters that are 10 times more effective than HEPA 13 filters (the market standard).

The nylon pre-filters, composite carbon cloth and HEPA 14 filters capture particulates, expelling purified air back into the room, providing up to five air changes an hour within a space up to 120cu.m. Rediair's four different operating modes and a small form factor, allow Rediair to be used almost anywhere, from waiting rooms, offices and meeting rooms to small, enclosed spaces such as dental treatment rooms.

Rediair is an incredibly subtle air filtration device; ultra-quiet fans and light reduction settings mean that Rediair can operate without distraction.

While the internal mechanisms are complex, using Rediair is quite the opposite. The smart air quality indicator can read the quality of the surrounding air and start decontamination within seconds of activation.

For more information on Rediair, visit:


31st March 2022

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