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Waterless Urinals earn NGBS Green Certification

* Waterless-Urinals-Green-Certification.jpgWaterless No-Flush urinals manufactured by Waterless Co, have earned National Green Building Standard Certification (NGBS Green) from Home Innovation Research Labs.

NGBS Green is a building certification program that focuses on new and existing residential structures. It is the only green building certification program recognised and approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

The NGBS Green program is similar to the LEED for Homes program developed by the US Green Building Council. Both programs rate and then recognise homes that are healthier, more sustainable, and more energy and water efficient.

Like LEED, NGBS uses a cumulative point system to certify products. Based on the number of points earned, the NGBS Green program has four performance levels:

1. Bronze
2. Silver
3. Gold
4. Emerald, the highest certification

"Both LEED for Homes and NGBS Green are strong residential rating programs," says Klaus Reichardt, CEO, and founder of Waterless Co. "They are scientifically developed, consensus-based, and provide guidance for builders and homeowners on ways to build or renovate homes so that they are more environmentally responsible.

"However, in some ways, NGBS Green goes even further. This is because of the NGBS Green 'remodeling path'.

"This process requires an audit by an accredited inspector - known as a verifier - who records water and energy consumption before and after construction or renovation. Based on the audit, the project is awarded certification depending on the percentage of water and energy that is reduced.

"This remodeling path certification is especially important to Waterless Co, because so many of our no-water urinals are installed in existing homes. Many times, just by installing no-water urinals, water consumption is reduced enough that the project can be awarded certification."

But, according to Klaus, what is most important is that NGBS Green is encouraging builders and contractors to focus more of their efforts on reducing water consumption.

"We need to do this, and with home construction booming, we need to do this now."

Waterless Co. Inc. has established a well-respected reputation as being an innovative manufacturer of no-water urinal systems. Based in Vista, Ca, the nearly 30year old company is the oldest manufacturer of waterless urinals in North America. The company offers a full line of Waterless No-Flush urinals, cleaning liquids, and cost saving accessories.


17th March 2022

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