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I struggled with last week’s Leader, having had most of it in place before learning that readers, industry colleagues, friends and folk I’ll never get to meet, thousands of miles from where I sat, safely in my home office, were caught up in battles in which they had no hand and even less choice. I didn’t know whether to run with what I was writing or start over… Back then I had no idea how bad things were going to get but I can imagine that you, just like John and I, have spent much of the past week thinking of all those caught up in the horrors of war in Eastern Europe. Our hearts go out to everyone involved.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed so much over my 30 years in this industry is the interaction I’ve had with others whom I’d never have had the chance to meet or chat to, had it not been for our collective need to keep our environment - both indoors and out, clean, safe, hygienic and pleasant to be in. The press releases, sent from all over, have sometimes been a bit of a challenge to work with but so often, too, I’ve been inspired that the standard of English and presentation has far exceeded that of my fellow countrymen (along with own!). The many international exhibitions, although hard work physically and mentally, have provided me with an insight into the issues faced in different environments and these have sparked some lively discussions and, in many cases, helped solve problems. I’ve made some real friends. Together, we’ve raised cleaning & hygiene standards, the world over.

As an industry, we’ve moved forward in leaps and bounds; the technology and skills we employ are nothing like those of 30 years ago. We’ve adapted to change, to the science and to the needs of both our local environments and the planet itself.

Like you, I’m sure, I’m wishing our leaders could be even a little bit as clever…




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Jan Hobbs

3rd March 2022

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