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Fast and efficient - this 6th generation machine is packed with time-saving and cost-effective features

* ESCSTEPS.jpgThought to be the fastest escalator cleaning machine in the world, the Rotomatic escalator deep cleaning machine contains 15 rotating brushes of four different lengths and materials to scrub and sweep dirt off the escalator and into the machine. It also comes packed with clever features aimed at saving you time, effort and money.

Designed and manufactured by Rosemor International in the UK using cutting edge technology, it is the culmination of 15 years of research & development which has led to greatly improved ergonomics and ease of use over its popular predecessor, the Rotomatic ET15B.

The Rotomatic is packed with new features, such as the industrial-grade touch screen interface which facilitates greater control over the machine and displays useful information regarding the machine's status, including alerting the operator to any faults or aiding with the cleaning operation.

* T10-in-use.jpgAnother clever feature is the machine's self-cleaning technology - the Rotomatic is believed to be the first escalator cleaning machine in the world that can automatically rinse-clean its own internal brushes and components and it couldn't be easier to use. Once cleaning is finished, you simply fill the tank with fresh water, turn the lever to 'self-clean' and select the self-cleaning button on the touch screen. The machine will then run an automatic self-cleaning cycle which significantly reduces the time usually spent maintenance at the end of the escalator cleaning process.

There are five cleaning programs, for varying levels of dirt, with the shortest being the 10 second 'rapid cleaning' program which delivers up to 33% faster cleaning over the ET15B. The Rotomatic also features dual step drying technology, whereby a 3-stage turbine motor sucks dirty water away from the steps while a powerful stream of air simultaneously blasts the steps dry, leaving the escalator ready for immediate use.

* T10-box-attachment.jpgThe Rotomatic also saves more time on refilling and emptying the detergent tank, which at 20 litre capacity is almost double the size of the old ET15B's tank. Despite this, the Rotomatic is smaller and lighter in weight, making it more easily transportable from job to job.

Other refinements include fittings for the optional T10 & T20 travellator cleaner attachments on every transportation trolley; more sophisticated, industrial standard logic controllers and high-spec motor controllers, and stronger aluminium chassis panels which go through a hard anodisation process making them incredibly hardwearing and completely corrosion resistant. Indeed, all the machine's components are of the highest quality so they resist corrosion, giving the machine a busy operating life of 20 years or more.

Rosemor International is heading for its 40th anniversary. Over this time the company has built up an enviable worldwide aftersales support and service network along with a 6th generation escalator deep cleaning machine that really is something special!


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10th February 2022

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