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New industrial hand cleaner suits toughest environments; offers skin-conditioning the toughest workers deserve

* BiCarbonX.jpgPatent-pending BiCarbonX Premium industrial hand cleaner delivers performance for the toughest environments with a skin-conditioning experience the toughest workers deserve.

Increased degreasing, cleanliness, deodorisation and hand health, it contains 40% more exfoliant to remove solvent smells, grease, oils, and other industrial soils, whilst eliminating the need for lotions or barrier creams – it actually boosts skin moisture.

Available in three fragrances: Cherry Blast, Orange Crush, and a new-to-the-industry Timber Jack scent, the water-soluble formula offers a clog-free guarantee.

The product was tested by an organisation boasting one of the largest rental fleets in its industry – an equipment and storage rental company offering do-it-yourself movers across the US, access to trucks, trailers, auto-transports and other pieces of equipment. All trucks and trailers are researched, designed, engineered, tested and assembled in the company's technical centre, which spans 90,000-plus sq.ft and employs over 300 team members. Due to the nature of their work, these employees often encounter grease, oil, adhesives, solvents and other industrial soils, which are notoriously damaging to skin and difficult to completely wash from hands.

Having trialled BiCarbonX, the workforce sang its praises, recording complete removal of soils such as grease, oil, adhesives and solvents and increased skin health and moisturisation. The facility was able to discontinue purchase of the secondary lotion it had been using to counter the extreme hand dryness experienced with its previous lotion. This secondary, medicated lotion, at up to $1.75 per ounce, meant that using BiCarbonx could save just the organisation just over 80% annually on industrial hand hygiene.

Operational costs were also reduced by the elimination of clogs caused by the company’s previous insoluble exfoliant. At around $125 per hour and jobs taking two - six hours, plumbing issues were totalling upwards of $7,500 each year - not to mention the extreme nuisance and downtime.

The monetary savings and extraordinarily positive reception of employees resulted in a rolling conversion to BiCarbonX throughout the entire company - first in repair shops then at individual rental locations. When fully adopted nationwide, the dual benefit of streamlining product needs and operational savings is estimated to provide this new Betco partner with over six figures in annualised savings... a true success story!


10th February 2022

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