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Morclean offers new; even more affordable domestic bin wash

* Morclean-SWIFT-150-X.jpgBased on the Swift SY-150 trailer bin wash which was launched last Summer, the new Bin Wash Swift 150-X is a compact, entry-level wheelie bin cleaner that manufacturer Morclean believes is set to be a market leader in the domestic bin cleaning industry - especially with start-up bin washing businesses, whizzing away stinky dirt and debris in a matter of moments.

At a lower cost to its big brother (SY-150), starting a bin washing business or expanding your bin washing business has suddenly become even more affordable.

Built on a simple yet sturdy trailer and expertly engineered to fall under towing limits, the Swift 150's single bin lift function and new and compact design has been developed by Morclean's R&D department to meet customer demand.

Manufactured in the company’s dedicated R&D and bin wash manufacturing unit, home of the best-selling and award-winning Custom Plus bin wash, the Swift 150-X is quick and easy to maintain, and its lightweight structure and straightforward operation allows for effortless cleaning. It is crammed with innovative features that provide lucrative financial returns in the bin washing market too.

Users simply lift 120 or 240 litre bins with ease using the manual level, and wash away grime with the powerful jet wash. The wastewater then outflows to the catchment tray and is filtered for re-use. This reduces manual handling or physically tipping the bin to wash and rinse out, and the water is then recycled during the day, reducing weight and water tank capacity.

And not only that… the unit has multiple stages of water treatment and filtration.

The Swift 150-X can be used as a portable pressure washer for driveway, patio and decking cleaning, and the machine allows you to wash bins legally as wash water is contained and recycled according to EA guidelines. And with its EC/EU approved trailer, heavy-duty battery and fast washing process - typically 10-30 seconds for a domestic bin - the Swift 150-X has very low running costs and superb earnings potential.

You can see the machine demonstrated along with other Morclean products, at one of the company's dedicated bin wash workshops.

T: 01246 471 147
W: www.morclean.com

10th February 2022

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