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Bupa and NHS choose virus-killing air purifiers that can be used in occupied spaces

* AirxproX.jpgAirxPro air purifiers are being used within NHS vaccination centres and by Bupa, to protect staff, patients and visitors, having received full certification from a Government-audited laboratory. Safe to use in occupied areas, they boast a virus removal rate of 99.97%.

The units are offered in five different versions, with the size of the machine dictated by the volume of air purification required. The concept remains the same across all models, whereby polluted air is drawn into the rear of the unit, where it is filtered and cleaned using a combination of negative Ion particles.

“AirX Pro air purifiers will help to keep you, your staff and clients safer, reducing sickness and helping to create a safer working environment,” says Ian Hooper, owner of Hooper Services, which distributes the products.

“They feature patented, multi-fan technology which traps and disassembles up to 99.97% of all bacteria, viruses (including Covid-19) and other airborne allergens as well as odours, in the rooms in which they are used.”

Employing active UV-C sterilisation, the units have an eight-stage purification system providing a high ion output of 24million negative ions/sec, which kills viruses and re-energises the room. The IONs collide, shattering their DNA structure and thus breaking apart harmful viruses, bacteria or allergens and neutralising the threat. The tiny virus, bacteria or allergen atoms are now a larger particulate size and will easily and safely be trapped in the filter system.

The eight-stage purification system includes:

• Rear Dust Filter – This stage will filter out the larger particles of dust or debris in the air.
• H13 HEPA – The Medical Grade H13 HEPA filters out 99.95% of all particles down to 0.1 microns.
• Activated Carbon with High Iodine Content – The carbon filter will remove harmful gases and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) usually released by household products.
• Formaldehyde Catalyst – Will remove bad odours from the air.
• Cold Contact Filter – Also known as a Cold Catalyst Filter, this will remove smells, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and other harmful gases. It can also catch and kill bacteria and toxins from fungus.
• Silver ION Antibacterial Filter – Silver is used to sterilize the air passing through to remove bacteria.
• 24m Negative ION Generator – Actively seeks to destroy viruses, bacteria and VOCs in the room before they reach the filter.
• Dual High Output UV-C Bulbs – This stage will kill viruses that pass through, UV-C is used across the world for disinfecting and is effective to eradicate SARS-CoV-2 virus.* AirxproX-Filter-Breakdown.jpg

“Negative ion technology has been scientifically proven to give many health benefits when used,” adds Ian. “Benefits include:

• Reduced stress
• Boosted immune system function
• Increased metabolism of carbohydrates and fats
• Neutralised harmful bacteria, viruses and allergens
• Helping to alleviate depression
• Boosted daytime energy

“With all of the above benefits the main concern would be the negative effects of the ions. Most generators will produce ozone which can sometimes be harmful over long periods. However, AirX Pro has been intensively tested with certification to prove there is no ozone produced.”

Controllable by the Tuya WiFi app, Alexa and Google Assistant, the units are of a super slim, 12cm design and can be wall-mounted or floor standing. They come with a five-year guarantee.


13th January 2022

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