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Planet-saving systems dispense sugarcane & bamboo consumables

* Bamboo-dispensers28.jpgLeading the way in sustainable away-from-home systems, FIG products is still thought to be the only manufacturer to offer sugarcane & bamboo consumables in a dedicated range of washroom dispensers.

The company has just made what appears to be the world's first bamboo dispensers, which completes its offering as probably the most sustainable system on the market. Available in a twin toilet roll dispenser, compact hand towel dispenser and soap dispenser, the bamboo dispensers make a huge statement wherever they are installed.

The company began its story as an expert in the design and manufacture of washroom dispenser products, before developing an inspired full washroom system which uses eco-friendly sustainable sugarcane and bamboo consumables.

FIG designs its systems with hygiene, affordability and sustainability at the forefront of everything it does. Every product in the FIG range has been designed by FIG from scratch. This has given the company artistic licence to create a range that it says is far more efficient than others on the market.

FIG's washroom system also focuses on economising the habits of end-users, with the knowledge that we can't control how many times the soap dispenser is pumped nor how many hand towels are taken but we can control the amount that is given, each time they take product from the dispensers. Making its toilet paper the same width as most jumbo rolls, slightly reducing the width of its hand towels and designing a dosage control switch inside the soap dispenser, dramatically reduces the usage, ensuring great cost-in-use savings while increasing sustainability in the washroom.

"At FIG, we understand the psychology of end users, so we design products with efficiency and sustainability in mind," explains Stephen Gear, co-founder of FIG Products. "That's where our strapline 'Economising Habits' comes in. This enables end users to switch to the more sustainable sugarcane & bamboo products without added costs.

"With FIG Systems, everyone's happy! But speaking of that, we are absolutely over the moon to announce that in addition to our bamboo and sugarcane paper, we have now introduced three real wood dispensers."

FIG's latest dispenser range is natural and manufactured using one of the world's most renewable sources, bamboo.

"Let's face it, the climate-related catastrophes that are nowadays experienced are in too large a number and frequency to ignore, and this is the backdrop against which consumers will weigh-up the eco-friendliness of their purchases," adds Stephen.

"Not only to suit this new consumer climate - notwithstanding the fact that it is the entirely correct thing to do - we are now allowing consumers to say no single-use plastic, in an easy yet attractive way, reducing their carbon footprint dramatically, whilst still maintaining the elegant, and hygienic washroom that they desire.

The sleek finish on the bamboo dispensers ensures a striking appearance within the washroom and is a great advert for any establishment's sustainability drive. The dispenser consists of a seamless one-piece front cover, making it easy to clean, with no crevices to gather bacteria. They are easy to fill and available in white, black, stainless steel and bamboo.

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6th January 2022

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