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Vitesy is growing: Natede Smart is here

* Vitesy-growing.jpgAfter three successful crowdfunding campaigns and a consolidated reputation as a technology startup, Italian manufacturer Vitesy has taken a further step to affirm its sustainable identity in the indoor air purification and monitoring market.

Its new Natede Smart is the technological and sustainable evolution of its previous product Natede: a smart air purifier that increases the purification power of plants thanks to a special patented system and powerful nanomaterials.

Vitesy uses a cutting-edge technology called photocatalysis which allows it - unlike traditional air purifiers that work by blocking pollutants in their filtering system - to eliminate different types of pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, Volatile Organic Compounds, CO2, odours, and other microorganisms.

Natede Smart differs from the previous Natede in three main aspects: sustainability, technology, and performance.

• Sustainability: Natede Smart has no filters to replace - you simply wash them - and it's made entirely of the best quality recycled plastic, thus replacing the wooden components with a new type of material that is categorised as quality A in recycled products.

• Technology: the quality of the sensors has improved exponentially and a new performing and stable WiFi module has been added, equipping the unit with some of the best technology available. In addition to the purification system, Natede Smart is equipped with a monitoring system, which enables it to receive on the ‘Vitesy Hub’ app, the values of: temperature, humidity, fine dust, carbon monoxide and Volatile Organic Compounds.

• Performance: Natede Smart now uses, for its photocatalysis process, a new material called tungsten trioxide (WO3) which is activated by the action of the LEDs to eliminate pollutants passing through the filtering system, making the purification process efficient and quick with a 93% less electric consumption than the previous Natede, which relied on the action of UV LEDs combined with titanium dioxide (TiO2).

Having taken a big step forward in 2021 by attracting various investors and receiving a bridge round of 1.2 million euros from Doorway and other major investors, Vitesy will now boost the business by improving the research & development department and increasing the number of employees to 25.

Furthermore, Vitesy plants 10 trees for each product sold, thus reducing its environmental impact and leaving a long-term sustainable corporate footprint. The startup has already planted more than 100,000 trees in Madagascar.


14th October 2021

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