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If you were one of those frustrated at having tried, but failed, to access Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp when their servers were down for several hours this week, you'll realise how reliant we've become on social media as a means to share our news and views. It's not always when these sites go down though, that those with whom you wish to share your news, don't get to see it...

If you met John Austen or spoke with him over the 'phone during the early days of Cleanzine some 20 years ago, you may recall his analogy of the salesperson dressed in a sharp suit and blessed with a powerful company car who never makes any sales visits. He'd use this in response to people saying that because they had a website, they didn't need to engage with potential customers through marketing - be it via editorials or advertisements. John's very valid argument was that clever marketing drives potential customers to your website; and without it, the very people you're hoping to attract, are unlikely to know that your products or services are just what they've been looking for - or even that your company exists.

Same goes for posting your company's news, pictures and videos on LinkedIn, Facebook etc. You're generally only sharing your successes with established contacts, rather than new ones - i.e. preaching to the converted. And that, of course, is only if your contacts happen to be looking at your chosen 'news' outlet - out of the many available - at roughly the time you post, rather than when your efforts have been buried! I'll occasionally post news on Cleanzine's Facebook page but I always include it in the upcoming issue too, to ensure it's seen by our 100,000-plus readers around the globe.

And that's something worth remembering. If you've gone to the trouble of taking a 'before & after' video & posting it on social media with a brief explanation, or making a company announcement, email it to me too. I could use it 'as is' or I may choose to find out more first. Either way, you'll get far more out of your efforts than a few 'likes' and possibly the odd comment from someone in your network, and may instead win new business that could change your company's fortunes. I can't promise to always use what you send, but if I don't get to see it, that's a missed opportunity for both of us.



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Jan Hobbs

7th October 2021

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