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Feature-packed City Ranger 3070 is a real winner

* Egholme-CR3070.jpgEgholm is a specialist at producing high quality, multi-functional utility vehicles incorporating green maintenance, winter maintenance and street cleansing. True four-in-one/365-day machines...

All machines are under 3.5 metric ton and can be road registered and operated with a standard driving license. The City Ranger 3070 is the largest of the compact utility range, fitted with a 70 HP diesel engine the unit features an innovative sweeping system with adjustable suction width and strength.

Winning features

A key benefit is an adjustable suction width and strength function, effectively the suction inlet is adjusted according to the position of the brushes. This makes it easy to adapt the performance of the unit to match the task in hand.

The basic machine also weighs in at only 1,720Kg making its ground pressure low enough for use on sensitive surfaces including lawns and pavements.

A flexible articulated joint located between the two axles gives the vehicle a very small turning circle of just 1,650mm. The machine overall enjoys excellent manoeuverability allowing operation very close to obstacles and within confined spaces. Additionally, the sweeper brush arm is spring loaded meaning it flexes when obstacles are encountered - greatly reducing the risk of damage.

The multi-functional attachments include suction sweeper units, rotary/mulch mowers (1.5 and 2.5 metre widths), grass collectors, hedge cutters, weed brushes, snow sweepers, snow blowers, salt and sand spreaders and more. True multi-functional accessories for every need in the market...

The foot brake is also fitted with an inch pedal which allows the operator to slow the machine without reducing RPM or oil flow on the working pumps. This is a valuable feature when mowing large areas; the operator can keep the vehicle in cruise control, reducing speed without losing hydraulic power or performance.

Caring for the operator

Development of the 3070 machine was focused on operator comfort. Low noise was key, resulting in a low cabin noise of only 69 dB(A). Air conditioning and adjustable seats come as standard with the design benefitting from a 360-degree view of the work area.
Importantly the Egholm quick shift system allows for attachment changes in just one minute! Simply one turn of the handle and all mechanical, hydraulic, water and electrical systems are disconnected without tools.

Growth in the UK and Ireland

Egholm is growing rapidly in the UK and Ireland managed by Jeff Sweeney who previously worked for the Nilfisk group. A network of 10 experienced full-service partners covers all territories providing sales and hire with options for both short and long-term rental and lease options. Pre- and post-sale support includes site surveys, demonstrations, machine installation and periodic staff training. Egholm A/S provides a first-class overnight spares service direct to the partner or customer site.

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9th September 2021

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