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Sasse secures further 5-year contract extension with Edinburgh Airport

* Sasse-Edinburgh-airport.jpgThe last 18 months have been an incredibly challenging time for the aviation industry with passenger numbers falling through the floor.

During one of the most challenging events in economic history, Edinburgh Airport (EAL) has cemented a long-term trusting partnership with Sasse, which has been built on a solid foundation of trust, reliability and confidence between the airport and its cleaning service provider.

Since the original award of the cleaning services contract in 2015, EAL has gone through major development such as the terminal extension. The growth of the airport and the ever-changing demanding hygiene standards within the aviation industry have paved the way for a lasting partnership between Sasse and EAL for the future.

The soft services hygiene contract will include the company's bespoke 'Sasse 4-Level Hygiene Concept' for cleaning, disinfecting, protecting and certification of the airport's surfaces. From now on, and into the future, Sasse believes that a one-size-fits-all cleaning concept will no longer be acceptable. The hygiene concept at EAL sees the transition from 'cleaning services' to 'building hygiene standards' providing an 'on-demand' reactive cleaning service in a dynamic environment, which is reflective of the varying passenger numbers.

The company's innovative approach to building hygiene also helped EAL successfully win Skytrax award in 2020 where cleaning and hygiene standards played a significant role in the achievement.

The Sasse 4-Level Hygiene Concept is made possible with the use of the company's own specialist Sasse Control products. Sasse Control becomes the new standard use product for daily cleaning teams to help with cleaning and disinfecting whilst providing long lasting antimicrobial protection to the surfaces to which it is applied. Furthermore, the hygiene services are more than just a commitment, they are backed up with regular ATP testing to document the hygiene standards achieved within the airport.

The company is also trialling a disinfection certification system at another one of its hygiene services contracts with London Luton Airport. The system allows its customers, the public and employees to scan a QR code which provides a certificate of when disinfection last took place. The system, which is believed to be a UK first for the facilities sector, uses chemical dye indicators to evidence when the correct level of disinfection has been achieved on a surface.

If the trial is successful, the company plans to mobilise and install the certification in all its UK airport contracts ahead of increased passenger numbers which are expected later this summer. The company believes in introducing technology and innovation such as its hygiene concept which has played an important part in the company's successful relationship with EAL.

Sasse takes an unusual approach to its employees and is working with companies on reward and recognition schemes, as well as employee / customer voice feedback platforms which are anonymised. Often there is a common link between customer feedback and employee feedback when it comes to the commercial environment. A spokesperson for the company says:

"Sasse believes that by treating its employees as people; humans, real people with real emotions, it empowers them with a can-do mentality and positivity. This is all too often lost in larger organisations where companies simply consider their employees to be a resource that must achieve a performance outcome."

There is much to be said for the way Sasse integrates with its employees to bring out the best in their people enabling the hygiene standards at EAL to flourish. As well as new expectations for hygiene standards throughout the globe, many of those looking for work in the future will also come to expect a more personal relationship with their employer to look after their mental health and wellbeing, not just their bank account.

As part of their continued development, the Sasse Service app, a bespoke mobile management software, has been mobilised throughout the airport for real time contract performance tracking. The software and hardware will track time and attendance, daily task management, job tickets and auditing in real time with data that can be viewed anywhere in the world with a click of a button.

This powerful app works in combination with NFC sticker technology; delivering information to the fingertips of the people, ensuring that regardless of the operative, the tasks are understood and reported back to head office, along with the client, in real time. This open book, transparent management platform is an essential part of the relationship between Sasse and EAL allowing a central space for collaboration and communication between both parties.

Managing director Benny Wunderlich says he is delighted that the company has been able to extend its services and innovations with the airport for a further five years.

"We have worked very closely together over the last six years building an open relationship throughout the lifetime of the contract," he explains. "This has led to a real partnership between Sasse and EAL. No matter how difficult the challenges of the last 18 months, we have always found a solution to the challenges together, and I would like to thank EAL for its incredible support throughout the life of our business relationship this far.

"The contract extension between Sasse and EAL is a testament to our business and values. We believe in fostering long-term partnerships with our customers which is so much more than just providing a service solution. Our unique approach to personal customer service, and our employees who we recognise and value as people, is essential to our continued success. We will continue to introduce new ideas and innovations throughout the lifetime of our partnership, and we are very excited to continue our partnership into the new contract term."


8th July 2021

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