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New low flow technology from Morclean

* Morclan-Low-Flow.jpgMorclean has launched the ThermaFlow hybrid hot water steam cleaner; a low-flow machine that uses only 7.5 litres of water per minute.

"When compared to a traditional equivalent jet wash, which would produce between 15 and 21 litres per minute, the ThermaFlow requires half the water or even less," says the company. "This means it requires half the disposal, which is ideal for sites where drainage is limited or the reclamation of water is essential.

"If a site has no foul drain, the waste water/wash water must be removed by another means as it is illegal to allow water to enter a surface drain, a storm drain, or a soakaway.

"Here, you have two options. You can either tanker it away, or you can recycle it.

"Less water means less cost as you need to buy less in. There is less energy consumption too which makes the ThermaFlow highly energy saving, green and efficient."

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W: www.morclean.com

8th July 2021

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