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Eco-friendly equipment that eliminates up to 100% of bacteria and viruses and 99.99% of Covid-19 now available in Brazil

* Eco-Friendly-Cleaning-Equipment.jpgFor over a year, the huge DownTown Condominium office and retail centre has served as the Brazil pilot site of R-Water's eco-friendly device, widely used in the US to clean and disinfect surfaces in facilities such as hospitals, restaurants, sporting facilities and more - and which, in certain applications, is applied via drones.

The DownTown Condominium has confirmed that it is impressed with R-Water's device for both its performance and decreased cleaning costs.


The device produces both TK60, a powerful disinfectant and FC+, an exceptional multi-surface cleaner. These products are harmless to humans and domestic animals and TK60 has the power to eliminate 99.99% of Covid-19, 30x faster than many products available in the market.

TK60 has been tested by two prominent institutes in Brazil, Falcão Bauer and UNICAMP and both have certified TK60's effectiveness. The onsite production of TK60 and FC+ eliminates single-use plastic containers, shipping, and reliance on the supply chain that made finding disinfectants almost impossible for many countries during the height of the pandemic.

R-Water's Latin American distributor has waited for more than one year for ANVISA to approve R-Water's device so that TK60 and FC+ can be made available to the Brazilian market.

R-Water's device provides many advantages to users, such as cost savings, employee safety, environmental sustainability, and reduction of infectious diseases, including Covid. Condomínio DownTown, an office and retail centre in Barra da Tijuca, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is using R-Water equipment to clean and disinfect the more than 27,000sq.m of public space which receives approximately 35,000 people a day.

Based in Texas, R-Water is committed to reducing the spread of preventable infectious diseases, unnecessary human and environmental exposure to toxic chemicals, and plastic waste.


15th July 2021

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