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Morclean’s new steaming and fogging device looks sure to be a winner

* Morclean-steam-fogging-device.jpgMorclean's new Vision CMF Steam Pro Compact steam cleaner and Vision SF Steam Pro fogging device incorporates the latest steam cleaning technology.

The two-stage steam and fogging process has proven efficacy against the various strains of Coronavirus, many other types of virus and bacteria, making it an effective weapon in the fight against infections and cross contamination.

When used together with an approved chemical (BS EN 14476 certified), this perfect duo is instantly transformed into a cleaning disinfectant fogging machine, helping to reduce and control the spread of viral infections. Fogging disperses non-toxic, non-corrosive disinfectant into the air killing 99.99% of known viruses and bacteria, and this method has been tried, tested, and independently and scientifically validated for its bactericidal efficacy.

In contrast to some other foggers on the market, where water droplets fall to the ground and are not carried where needed, the Vision Pro duo uses dry steam technology. The approved disinfectant is transmitted through the air by vapour. This vapour then accesses all parts of a room to kill viruses, bacteria, and mould, sanitising and disinfecting vast areas quickly without missing any surfaces.

Steam-fogging is used to disinfect any type of surface and is safe to use in hospitals, care homes, hotels, cars, and buses, or for industrial applications in the food or pharmaceutical industry, to name a few.

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17th June 2021

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