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Delta-Q Technologies launches first three-in-one charging solution with the XV3300 battery charging system

* Delta-Q-battery-charging-system.jpgVancouver, Canada-based Delta-Q Technologies has introduced a new line of battery charging solutions with the launch of the XV3300. Its design combines a high-performance 3.3KW charger, a 500W DC-DC converter, and an EV charging station interface in a highly compact package.

"The launch represents a significant product development milestone for Delta-Q," notes Steve Blaine, Co-CEO and executive VP of engineering & quality with Delta-Q.

"The XV3300 answers our OEM customers' need for on-board charging power up to 20KW delivered in a compact, fully sealed IP67 package. Our team also designed an included DC/DC converter for auxiliary DC loads, a VCIM (Vehicle Charge Interface Module) for simple connection to public EV charging, and the ability to stack the chargers for configurable power levels. We achieved all this in a 3.3KW charger that is over twice as compact as our previous models."

The 3.3KW charger will be available in 58.8V, 65V, and 120V models and is scalable, allowing OEMs to stack chargers for power levels up to 20KW. The XV3300 delivers a precise charge of battery packs of various chemistries and voltages to maximise battery life and optimise charge time.

Key features and benefits of the XV3300 charger include:

* High reliability. The XV3300 battery charger is compact, rugged, and IP67-rated. It is tested for automotive-grade shock and vibration, and its fully sealed aluminum die-cast enclosure protects the charger from dust, liquids, and the effects of immersion in up to one metre of water.
* Flexible power options. The new solution is scalable. It can be paralleled to provide between 3.3KW to 20KW of power for faster-charging options. The charger is also available as an on-board and offboard charger to provide OEMs with additional flexibility.
* Enhanced protection. The XV3300 is a low voltage charger that optimally charges all battery chemistries and nominal voltages between 48V and 120V. The 3.3KW charger is also protected against short circuit, over-voltage, and over-temperature to ensure safe operation.
* DC-DC converter. The integrated 500W DC-DC converter provides auxiliary power to operate vehicle accessories such as air-conditioners, controllers, lights, turn signals, navigation and communication devices. It also eliminates the need for an external DC-DC converter, saving OEMs and equipment operators space and cost.
* EV Charging Station Interface. The XV3300 complies with SAE J1772 (levels 1 and 2) and IEC 61851 (modes 2 and 3) to charge from standard EVSE AC charging stations across North America and Europe. This feature provides greater flexibility and more charging options to end-users and more flexibility to the vehicle.
* Regulatory compliance. The charger uses Controller Area Network (CAN-bus) communications. It carries a comprehensive set of global regulatory approvals, including touch-safe requirements for the European electric vehicle market and global regulations to ensure safe and optimal user experiences.
Production for the XV3300 will begin in the first half of 2022. Sign-up to get early access to samples ahead of production and exclusive content such as program updates, product specifications, videos, timing, and more at:


10th June 2021

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