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Kärcher launches new accessories for cleaning façades and solar power installations

* Karcher-facades.jpgKärcher has launched a complete system of high-pressure cleaner accessories designed especially for façades and solar power installations. The range includes rotating roller heads and brushes, multi-purpose telescopic lances and adapter sets, and an ergonomic carrier system.

The accessories are multi-functional, so as well as use with high-pressure cleaners, they can also be connected to a hose for clean-water applications or to a vacuum cleaner for removing loose dirt. The new accessories will allow professional users to reach difficult-to-access, horizontal and vertical surfaces.

For wet cleaning, the new programme includes a powerful rotating roller brush head. Connected to a high-pressure cleaner and telescopic lance if required, the brush head cleans stubborn dirt from surfaces. Depending on the application, the brush is available in soft, medium or hard, and can be fitted without the need for tools.

The soft rollers with spliced bristles are used for the gentle cleaning of glass façades and solar power installations, while medium and hard rollers are suitable for stone, plaster and industrial façades. The angled arrangement of the side and inner bristles provides streak-free cleaning, protects the surface and ensures that corners and edges can be reached. A spray bar ensures optimum water distribution over the entire width of the brush head. In addition, the rotational movement allows good control. For solar power installation cleaning, a Vario joint can be used for control on the sloping surface. For façade cleaning, a splash guard helps to direct the water back to the wall in a controlled manner.

The brush attachment with built-in high- and low-pressure nozzles, which can be connected to telescopic lances or high-pressure lances, is suitable for the cleaning of windows and façades. In addition, it is compatible with all Kärcher high-pressure cleaners, and suitable for clean-water applications. For use on different surfaces the brush is also available in three hardness classes. Here too, spliced bristles ensure better cleaning results on smooth surfaces. An individually adjustable angle joint, which is available as an optional extra, helps to optimally adjust the brush position to the object being cleaned.

The new system also features multi-purpose telescopic lances, to reach high or large surfaces. Thanks to various adapters and attachments, the lances can be connected to high-pressure and medium-pressure cleaners, as well as vacuum cleaners, and used for diverse applications, for example to vacuum dust from higher pipes. The lances are compatible with all existing hot- and cold-water high-pressure machines from Kärcher, independent of the water volume, and are available in various materials and lengths.

For additional safety and increased user comfort, a 'twist protector' is provided to prevent the lance from rotating during use under the force of water. The tension clamps that hold the individual lance elements together can be tightened and retightened conveniently without the need for tools. In addition, a new rotatable base element ensures more ergonomic and effort-saving control of the lance, as the high-pressure hose is always moved in a downward direction.

A hook on the telescopic lances fastens the new carrier system. With the aid of a spring balancer, the frame supports the user in holding the lance, providing relief during longer periods of work. The rucksack system ensures a high level of comfort for the carrier.


3rd June 2021

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