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Kaivac Introduces the SIMPLE System

* Kaivac-SIMPLE-System.jpgKaivac has released the SIMPLE system for cleaning washrooms. The system is presented in video format on the Kaivac website and can apply to other spray-and-vac cleaning systems. 

"The SIMPLE system can also be used in most any commercial restroom," says Kaivac’s Matt Morrison. "It helps ensure proper restroom cleaning and sanitation as more people return to the workplace.


The system includes the following components:

S. ‘Set up’, adding the correct attachments to the hose. With most spray-and-vac systems, the chemical valve must be turned to the ‘on’ position, and the pump turned on. "Before applying to surfaces, pull the trigger sprayer and spray into a toilet for about 15 seconds first," adds Matt. “This makes sure the chemical is in the gun.”

I. ‘Inject’ cleaning solution to all surfaces to be cleaned. Work backward toward the door. "Disinfectants can also be injected onto high-touch areas,” advises Matt. “This should be done first before injecting cleaning solution to the entire restroom."

M. Occasionally, heavily soiled floor areas may need to be ‘Manually’ brushed to loosen soil.

P. ‘Pressure rinse’ all surfaces from the top down. This rinses all cleaning solution and soil to the floor. When rinsing toilets, rinse the seat and chrome first, then lift the seat and clean the rest of the toilet, including the inside rim of the bowl. Matt refers to this as the rim shot.'"

L. ‘Loop’ the hose back on the spray-and-vac machine using a clean towel. The towel helps dry the hose as it is placed back onto the machine.

E . ‘Extract’ all moisture and soil using the vacuum hose. Vacuum in a 45-degree, forward and backward motion. This improves efficiency, speeding up the entire cleaning process.

This is a cleaning process that should be used with most all spray-and-vac systems.

To help guide users through the steps, at least one manufacturer provides an onboard instructional ‘tutor’ to pause, play, and then practice the SIMPLE technique.

See it at: https://binged.it/3o5c6J1


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