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We need to talk about colour coding for cleaning and hygiene, says BICSc

* BICSc-colour-coding.jpgJust one of the many standards that the British Institute of Cleaning Science is best known for is colour-coding, with the Institute having been recommending the use of colour-coded cleaning and janitorial equipment for more than 25 years.

“Whilst many organisations do follow our recommended guidelines - is this enough to make a real difference?” it asks. “The UK has legislation in place for food preparation, which is there to stop the spread of cross-contamination. We have been asking why there isn't any legislation when it comes to cleaning.

“Following a colour-coding system has many benefits, one being that it reduces the risk of cross-contamination. It can also make life easier for cleaning operatives......Now that's worth shouting about, isn't it?

“So, what are we doing about it?

“May 2021 is colour-coding awareness month at BICSc - we want to make a lasting change by championing colour-coding for the industry. To do this we need your help. So, why not join our #ColourCodingForCleaningandHygiene movement...?”

How can you help?

* Visit the Institute’s all-new BBS Virtual Training Suite where members and non-members can register for a free-of-charge, colour-coding awareness course. Upon completion candidates receive a digital certificate - a great start to further a career in cleaning.

* Email BICSc your images of the good, the bad and the ugly use of colour-coding, via [email protected]

* Share BICSc’ social media posts with the #ColourCodingForCleaningandHygiene

* Share a story about how colour-coding works for you

BICSc recently carried out a survey around this topic, these were its findings:
* 100% of those who responded said they do follow BICSc recommended colour-coding

* 87% of those who responded said they would like to see colour-coding made legislation for our industry

* 86% of those who responded said they would be prepared to sign a petition that could be put forward for discussion in Parliament.

BICSc has revealed that it was hoping to launch a petition to legislate the use of colour-coded cleaning and janitorial equipment within the UK's commercial cleaning sector, but that its proposal has been rejected by the UK Government.


13th May 2021

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