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Washroom solutions provider's FIGured out a more sustainable, eco-friendly approach

* bamboo-sugarcane.jpgInnovative washroom systems manufacturer FIG Products has harnessed the Earth's natural resources - Bamboo and Sugarcane - to produce more sustainable, eco-friendly and hygienic washroom products with a full range of dedicated away-from-home dispensers.

Most people are familiar with the current focus on bamboo tissue paper and sustainability, but through careful research, investigation and innovation, FIG decided to go one better.

FIG's research & development team realised that some other brands of Bamboo toilet paper were blocking drains due to the long and strong fibres they incorporated, which meant that the tissue didn't break down very well after use. So, FIG created a fantastic sugarcane mixed fibre toilet tissue, which not only has equally sustainable benefits to bamboo, but due to the short & delicate fibres, it breaks down extremely well and is much softer and more luxurious than bamboo too!

The company's bright white Ecomatic Sugarcane Tissue is created using the fibrous leftovers of the sugarcane plant once the sugar extraction process has taken place, making good use of the previously discarded bi-product. And, sugarcane has the added advantage of being harvested every 11 months, whereas trees take 30 years! Also, while on the comparison of Sugarcane Plants Vs. Trees, sugarcane is a class C4 plant, meaning it absorbs more carbon dioxide (CO2) and produces 35% more oxygen than trees.

On the flip side, the FIG R & D team also discovered that Bamboo has a myriad of benefits to offer as a hand towel - due to its strong fibrous texture. Bamboo has a great wet strength and natural anti-bacterial properties so that's where FIG has concentrated its bamboo offering, in the form of autocut roll towels and compact hand towels.

Understandably, people may question the environmental benefits of bamboo and sugarcane paper production once shipping from Asia is considered. However, independent studies - such as Steve Shelley's Environmental Assessment - have shown that even when factoring in the shipping of bamboo and sugarcane products, they still have a much lower carbon footprint than recycled paper made in the UK.

FIG Products is also committed to reducing the use of unnecessary plastic packaging, so all its tissue rolls and towel sleeves come individually wrapped in paper and in cardboard cartons - making them hygienic but with zero plastic packaging.

To upgrade your washroom with a more sustainable and eco-friendly option why not take a leaf out of FIG Products book?


6th May 2021

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