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Two webinars taking place this afternoon cover important issues affecting our sector and may well end up changing old habits. One I’m attending, which starts at 14.30 British Summer Time and is headed up by one of the microbiologists at the Probiotic Group, will offer a chance for cleaning industry professionals to hear first-hand from experts in their field, about what’s happening currently as well as in the future, regarding microbiology in cleaning (register at https://lnkd.in/dPnx_4q ). This webinar is timely, bearing in mind recent news from the science community about there being little likelihood that we can catch Covid-19 from surfaces, along with the growing concern, globally, about the overuse of chemicals not only since the pandemic began but for some years now. I recall covering in Cleanzine in 2014 a scary report about the damage our increasing antibiotic resistance could inflict on us unless we changed our ways, but the pandemic has exacerbated our situation not only in terms of medical interventions but with the over-zealous (and, I have to say, sometimes ridiculous) use of cleaning chemicals too, which can mean that the cleaning process itself could have a negative effect on people’s long-term health. I’m looking forward to learning more about some of the alternative products and methodologies…

Kicking off at 14:00 BST (I’ll be joining John Austen at this one when the other ends – register at https://hopin.com/events/tissue-paper-the-smart-choice ) ‘Tissue Paper, the Smart Choice’ covers a topic that’s been a bit of a bugbear of mine, since the start of the paper towel versus warm air hand dryer battle in the early 1990s. My view has always been that overflowing bins full of used, warm and damp, germ-laden paper towels can be as much of a hazard as some in that sector were making out the hand dryers to be – i.e. thorough hand washing and cleaning protocols have a huge part to play in all this - and I’ve remained firmly on the fence ever since. Keen to see how Covid-19 might have affected things though, I’ll be following that webinar with interest too, especially as it covers redefined approaches and practices as a result of the pandemic. Structured around hygiene & safety, sustainability and consumer insights, it will close with a panel discussion where scientists, sustainability professionals and HORECA specifiers will respond to audience questions posed both directly and online.

There’s clearly a lot to be learned today, so here’s hoping you can join us at one or even both of these important events.




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Jan Hobbs

29th April 2021

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