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Introducing telemetry in our market’s top selling machine!

* telemetry-tubvac.jpgThe humble tub vacuum has been a staple machine within our industry for many years and is by far and large the most sold machine across all sectors.

Over time, the tub vacuum has seen various design modifications and some additional features but fundamentally this machine has been the same for over 40 years - until now.

The launch of the ICE TVC vacuum cleaner has brought with it the most up to date technology and innovation. An intelligent dry vacuum cleaner, this machine drives resource management with cleaning data collected and sent to the state-of-the-art fleet management system.

Tracking the performance, utilisation and location of cleaning equipment is crucial within our industry. It can help businesses to reduce costs associated with machines that are under-utilised and minimises the cost and administration headache associated with equipment that can't be located. Integrated telemetry systems within machines provide this level of detail and information which is proving invaluable, especially to businesses with equipment across a large number of sites.

Not only does this machine have a built-in telemetry the touch screen interface can quickly and easily personalised to customers or site branding as well as quick change language selection (DE, ENG, FR, IT) can be made.

In combination with the integrated Bluetooth interface, important device data such as operating hours, daily run time, location data can be transferred into the cloud-based fleet management and connected to commonly used systems. Run times can be checked with the touch of a button, and property calculations can be adapted.

The most common fault with tub vacuums is cable replacement and both the engineering time and cost associated with repairing these issues is virtually nothing as an operative is able to remove and replace the cable without any tools in two simple steps.

The operative is also able to call up spare parts drawings, user manuals, data sheets and other device data at any time using a QR code, ensuring minimal downtime and increased productivity.

Watch this video to find out more information on the ICE TVC:


22nd April 2021

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