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BICSc adds healthcare skills to the Cleaning Professional's Skills Suite

* BICSc-Healthcare.jpgAt a time when the healthcare sector is under immense pressure, the British Institute of Cleaning Science, known for its clear approach to raising standards within the cleaning industry, has adapted and launched Healthcare Cleaning Skills.

Trained operatives will be able to apply their knowledge and skills across all environments within the sector.

Version three of the BICSc Cleaning Professional's Skills Suite currently contains over 40 skills; candidates learn the principles of how to carry out cleaning-related tasks effectively and safely - with this in mind BICSc has adapted its skills to align with PAS 5748:2014 and also reflect the draft 'NHS National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness 2020' which is due to be adopted formally by the NHS.

The new NHS publication incidentally includes the recommended BICSc area colour-coding, which has for more than 20 years called for the use of yellow janitorial equipment and hand protection within clinical areas.

What's the difference to the current offering? A workforce operating within a healthcare setting who are trained to the same standard can successfully control the spread of infection, thus creating a cleaner and safer environment, whether it's a patient area or a washroom - standards are standards. There is even greater motivation to achieve ongoing improvements in cleanliness and maintain the very best practice when it comes to hygiene in healthcare: standards and best practice are part of BICSc's DNA.

Those who have the responsibility for cleaning and hygiene will be aiming to consistently maintain high levels of cleanliness and standards, those outside of the sector know there is an even more pressing requirement to make sure that the right processes are being followed. The risk of the spread of infection and the dangers to patients are primary concerns. The confidence of patients, visitors and staff can have a negative influence by the perception of low standards of cleanliness.

Those who wish to explore and implement this particular BICSc model can undertake the BICSc Licence to Practice and then gain further skills. They can also become an Accredited Training Member allowing them to train and assess their own staff and be audited by BICSc on an annual basis.

This launch is also environmentally friendly as BICSc Accredited Training Members utilising the healthcare skills will only be able to access the assessment of these skills via the CPSS app. Existing Accredited Training Members in a healthcare environment can convert their current skills with ease.


18th February 2021

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