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Imperial Cleaning announces exclusive partnership with PRO-Techs Technology

* Imperial-cleaning.jpgElite commercial and residential cleaning services provider, Imperial Cleaning, has announced that it will enter into a strategic partnership with PRO-Techs USA, a provider of antimicrobial surface protection.

PRO-Techs is an EPA-registered nanotechnology that creates a barrier shield with a 99.9% effectiveness in preventing the growth of bacteria and microorganisms, providing long-lasting antimicrobial protection on porous and non-porous surfaces, with a durability of up to 90-days.

Imperial Cleaning will be deploying PRO-Techs as part of its Imperial Shield Program. This innovative, five-step protection program pairs its existing cleaning and disinfection protocols with PRO-Techs for active 90-day germ protection.

"Our customers are constantly being challenged by the fact that standard cleaning practices in high-traffic areas only offer temporary disinfection without long-term residual protection,” says Imperial Cleaning President David Feldman.

“That means microorganisms can rapidly multiply once surfaces are touched. As businesses and organisations search for a solution to create clean, safe, and healthy environments, we sought out the very best solutions and are thrilled to partner with PRO-Techs.

"We specifically developed our Imperial Shield program to help our customers provide maximum level disinfection and protection for up to 90 days. The program includes benchmarking the microorganisms' level, an electrostatic spray of disinfectant for maximum coverage, and antimicrobial protection for long-lasting results.

“Luminometer testing validates the program results, and Imperial provides certification of Imperial Shield performance for display to customers.”

Danny Tawil, COO of PRO-Techs, adds: "PRO-Techs is delighted to partner with Imperial Cleaning as the approved applicator in the Tri-States.

"Having witnessed their dedication in creating clean, safe, and healthy environments for their commercial and residential customers, we are confident Imperial Cleaning will expand the ultimate surface-level protection to the community."

www.imperialcleaning.com / www.protechsusa.com

18th February 2021

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