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Robert Scott reveals cleaning trends for businesses in 2021

* Alastair-Scott.jpgCleaning manufacturer and distributor Robert Scott has identified three major trends emerging for 2021 based on its latest customer research.

The three key trends cover infection control; visibility and frequency of cleaning, and increased sustainability - and are predicted to govern the cleaning practices used by businesses as they continue to manage the impact of the pandemic.

With Covid-19 amplifying the need for impeccable cleaning processes and systems, the issue of hygiene remains high on the agenda. Protocols that were developed and established early on in the pandemic and have played a valuable part in reducing transmission, bringing the importance of professional and thorough cleaning practices to the fore.

"It has never been more important to ensure excellent infection control measures and there are no signs of this abating in 2021,” says Alastair Scott, sales director at Robert Scott. “What was once an out-of-hours job is now highly visible and highly valued, with more of us required to undertake regular cleaning tasks to keep areas at home or at work as clean as possible.

"The trend for increased sustainability returns in 2021. Last year saw a marked increase in demand for disposable cleaning products and chemical-based cleaners, reversing a trend towards sustainable alternatives which had been observed over the years preceding 2020. In fact, 68% of customers we surveyed had noticed an increase in orders for disposable cleaning products. However, we expect to see sustainability return to the fore in 2021, driven by consumer demand for better practices and products that reduce environmental impact."

The need to control transmission of Covid-19 - as well as the other usual infection control subjects - will continue to be a high priority in 2021. Protocols have been tightened across the board, with a huge 85% of Robert Scott customers surveyed saying that their businesses had been required to improve cleaning practices.

Meanwhile, consumers are demanding higher frequency of cleans and highly visible schedules, as public awareness of cleaning processes has heightened. 46% of survey respondents said that Covid-19 had made it more important to have more visibility of cleaning staff, while 58% said there was a demand for more people to be cleaning every day.

"Higher frequency cleaning serves two purposes,” notes Alastair. “Firstly, it is vitally important in the fight against the spread of Covid-19, particularly in areas with high footfall. But it also plays a reassurance role. We all want to see evidence of cleaning taking place wherever we go, to put our minds at ease and encourage us to feel safe in that environment.

"Businesses will need to find a way to balance more regular, visible cleans while not impacting their workforces. This will become imperative as vaccines are rolled out and restrictions are eventually eased, allowing more people to return to workplaces."

Robert Scott will continue to innovate with an extensive range of cleaning products available from reusable microfibre cloths and mop pads to its Toucan Eco range, which uses nothing more than tap water, salt and electricity and has received EN certifications 14476 and 16777 proving its virucidal efficacy against coronaviruses. All are ideal solutions for businesses seeking to improve their sustainability credentials, while delivering an effective and thorough clean.


11th February 2021

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