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Hand hygiene is here to stay but is your system future-proof?

* k-San_reception.jpgMost of us now have hand hygiene systems in place consisting of multiple sanitiser and soap dispensers at various locations throughout our establishments.

But, how do you know if you're getting the best hygiene for the lowest long-term cost and waste?

Plan for sustainable long-term hand hygiene

The last 12 months have dramatically changed how we view hand hygiene. Overnight it changed from a bottom of the pile cleaning issue to literally life or death, forcing many of us into implementing a new hand hygiene regimen.

This was hard enough, but as supplies of cartridge refill systems quickly dried up, many establishments had to buy bulk fill systems. These may have met the urgent need but fall short of fulfilling any long-term need.

* K-San-in-use.jpgEqually, those lucky enough to acquire a cartridge refill system may not have had time to consider potential cost savings from the measured dosage per refill.

The time for panic buying is behind us. The time to plan for a sustainable hand hygiene system that delivers the best hygiene for the lowest long-term cost and waste is here. Now.

Cartridge refill systems

If you have a cartridge refill system, your system avoids cross-contamination, but do you know how many doses you get from each refill cartridge?

The average from a standard 1000ml cartridge is around 1,500 doses. The K-San system, however, can deliver a whopping 2,500 doses per 1000ml cartridge, with each dose providing a measured, sufficient volume to fully sanitise hands. This incredibly efficient measured dosage makes it - literally - one of the most economical dispenser systems currently available.

Bulk fill systems

If you have a bulk fill system, hygiene is your biggest problem. Bulk fill dispensers have the pump mechanism built into the unit making thorough cleaning impossible and cross-contamination unavoidable. Over time these systems will, without doubt, become a health risk.

What about cost? What if you could get 2,500 uncontaminated doses for less cost per dose as 800 (possibly contaminated) doses from your existing bulk fill dispenser?

Other significant savings come from time - no more messy refills or cleaning up spillages: just empty cartridge out, new one in. Job done in 20 seconds.

Lastly, waste. Customer feedback reports five and a half times more plastic waste per month was produced from using 5-litre plastic containers for bulk refills, compared to k-San refill cartridges.

Other factors to consider

Now you have time to consider your long-term hygiene system, you can also factor the following into your decision:
* Do you want automatic or manual dispensers, or a mixture of both?
* K-San-dispenser-crop.jpg* Do you want colour schemes and branding included?
* Are all the touch points in your establishment covered, e.g. reception, desks, washrooms, canteens, classrooms, staff rooms, warehouses, etc.
* Can the dispensers be used with other soap or skincare products?

And finally... the two take home messages

* Bulk fill systems can cause cross-contamination from bacteria build up, causing sickness, absenteeism and - at worst - not enough protection from the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19.

* If you're going to use this opportunity to upgrade your bulk fill or cartridge system, carefully consider long-term cost and waste savings alongside hygiene.

Knighton Janitorial is offering unlimited FREE dispensers and fitting for the k-San Sanitiser System until 31st March 2021!

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4th February 2021

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