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Is UVC the answer to UK infection control against Covid-19?

* UVC-Purelight-Flow.jpgWith the UK entering its third lockdown this week, the question many of the population are asking is 'what more can we do?' With the one year lockdown anniversary fast approaching, are we really at a loss how to slow the spread?

A virus with airborne transmission brings an abundance of complexities to slow the spread. How can we fight something that we can see in the air? Enter LED Direct, a small lighting company based in Sheffield.

It is equipping organisations in the UK with UVC products that sanitise the air and surfaces in a room, killing Covid-19 along with a multitude of microorganisms. Sounds too good to be true, right?

In tests carried out the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (NEIDL), UV-C light was shown to reduce coronavirus by 99% in six seconds. Six Seconds.

UVC light cannot be on whilst people are in the room, which is why these units can be app controlled. They even come with a sensor, which turns the unit off if a person accidentally walks in whilst cleaning is in process.

LED Direct believes that this technology can help just businesses, but people at high risk at home. The units are surprisingly affordable, easy to use and store. It's all about awareness. They have the science to back up their claims, and are changing how we think about infection control.

Director, Dan Blair had the following to say:

"Our units are being used for infection control all over the UK, from Premiership football clubs to care homes. Our Purelight Flow can be used while people are in the room, safely sanitising the air around 20 times a day. We want to lead the charge in slowing the spread of Covid-19, as well as other microorganisms that damage health. As long as you have mains power, these units can go anywhere. They come with a two-year warranty, and can be easily wall mounted. We just want more people to be aware just how effective these units can be. UVC technology is the future of infection control."

The UVC machines can be on a portable stand or wall mounted, deeming them suitable for public transport, schools, hospitals, offices, homes and restaurants. Anywhere people might be. The Purelight Hybrid offers both air and light sanitisation, which is currently in use in businesses in the UK.

"This technology can change our ability to keep our environment sanitised in so many ways, more people should sit up and take notice," adds Dan.

T: 0333 0230 827
W: www.leddirect.co.uk

14th January 2021

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