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Santoemma system safely sanitises ambulances, using dry fog 7 micron technology

* Ambulance-cleaning.jpgAmbulance interiors require regular and comprehensive cleaning and sanitising. The work though is demanding and needs to be carried out as quickly as possible, as vehicles can be in constant use and teams have to react rapidly to emergencies, which may interrupt cleaning operations.

The presence of life-saving objects and electronic instrumentation, means that sanitising chemicals cannot be sprayed in liquid form.

As well as cleaning and sanitising after each emergency response, the ambulance should be sanitised after it is parked up at the end of the shift - and to produce as safe an environment as possible, it is necessary to periodically deep clean the vehicle, completely emptying the interior to ensure that every corner is reached.

A Santoemma machine which allows you to deliver a dry fog at 7microns, using a specific sanitising product, is perfect for this job and it will completely fill the ambulance with the dry fog in just 2 - 3 minutes. The dry fog is left for about 15 - 20 minutes to perform its sanitising action. The particles of chemical product, with a diameter of only 7microns, are able to do their work in every point without wetting the surfaces.

The operator does not come into contact with the surfaces and therefore works in conditions of maximum hygienic safety.

Using the Sabrina-Foam model it is also possible to clean and sanitise the upholstered seats and fabric in the driver's cabin with the dense foam extraction system, while the Foamtec model can be used to clean and sanitise other areas of a medical facility, such as washroom areas.

You can see the models in action, on Santoemma's website:

T: +39 02 3391 2487
E: [email protected]
W: www.santoemma.com

10th December 2020

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