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The importance of following good cleaning and hygiene protocols is something we'll all, no doubt, carry with us for evermore. I'm not sure if I should say it, but if one good thing has come out of this 'year of Covid-19' it's that the cleaning industry has finally been recognised for the crucial role it plays in keeping us safe and healthy. Press releases about our industry's successes, be they contracts won, adapted ways of working or some breakthrough formulation or piece of equipment, have been unusually abundant and I have delighted in the knowledge that our industry really has been growing in so many ways.

With news this week that three of our major High Street stalwarts have gone into administration, along with the knowledge that many of us who didn't already, wish to continue to work from home - and our employers having seen that they no longer need to finance the upkeep of our workplaces, have made me wonder what our contractors are going to do, to plug the gap in their workloads. And although I write this from a wintry part of southern England, this is a global issue, isn't it?* LEADER-pic-3rd-Dec-2020.jpg

I've lauded those involved in cleaning for their adaptability; their knowledge that they need to work in different ways and offer new services that answer everyone's needs. But what's going to happen to these buildings that are empty - and which may be left empty, permanently? Will they be adapted to provide much-needed housing and will we eventually see some of our larger contractors offer domestic cleaning services too? And if this ends up being the case, how will this affect companies that manufacture large cleaning machines and other non-portable equipment?

Interesting times for our industry then - and, I must admit, a little scary...

And while I'm not suggesting that refuse collectors are likely to need to embark upon a change of career, I couldn't help smiling at these three dancing around their bins to the delight of the residents they are serving. I understand they're aiming for a Christmas No. 1 with their charity single. Good luck to them!




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Jan Hobbs

3rd December 2020

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