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We’re running a couple of interesting reports this week – one from the US and the other from Canada, which discuss people’s perceptions of cleaning and how seriously they affect decision-making when it comes to giving a particular facility our custom or choosing instead to walk on by.

Prior to this year’s upheaval, we’d go into buildings and use transport facilities, expecting them to be clean, but resigned perhaps to still use them if they weren’t. This year we’re concerned that if they’re not clean, we may end up becoming severely ill, or even dying – or, if we happen to have the ability to be one of the millions of asymptomatic Covid-19 carriers - making lots of other people ill.

Years ago, the word on the street was: “Waft a bit of furniture polish around if you want to convince people that a room’s been cleaned”. Nowadays people expect so much more, don’t they? You have to prove that the cleaning’s been done efficiently. No excuses.

News this week then about the discovery of dirty hotels, via a Which? report, and filthy London Underground transport systems (via a commuter, who having given several poles a quick clean down in an empty tube carriage, revealed a filthy wipe), comes as something of a surprise.

Whether or not you believe this pandemic is as bad as the various authorities (globally) say it is, now is not the time to cut corners with the cleaning, is it? At the very least, your reputation is at stake – and with many businesses facing a gargantuan struggle to stay afloat, cleaning, or lack of it, can really add that ‘make or break’ element, can’t it?



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Jan Hobbs

19th November 2020

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